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Frank Burnet's Cells

Doctors took these things and sold them to a company who uses them to make cancer drugs.

Gas Canister

Josh Winkler uses this thing to administer a retrovirus containing a mature gene to mice. When Josh's brother uses this thing on himself and suddenly loses his addiction to drugs, Josh uses it on another drug addict. However, Josh later discovers that the mature gene not only causes emotional maturity, but also causes the body to mature at an accelerated rate.


Josh Winkler sends a canister filled with this substance to a cousin of his mother when she pressures him to give the woman and her husband the maturity gene. Later, when the woman's family realizes she is displaying symptoms of Alzheimer's, the family sues Josh Winkler and the company he works for, claiming his spray caused the Alzheimer's.

Dart Gun

A photographer uses this...

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