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• Vasco Borden, a fugitive-recovery specialist who specializes in high tech recoveries, is in Las Vegas following a fugitive.

• The fugitive works for a bio research company and has run off with twelve embryos belonging to his company.

• Vasco follows the fugitive into a ballroom where Jack Watson, a high tech investor, is giving a speech.

• Watson is cheer leading the bio research industry and denouncing a lawsuit that is being brought against his latest project, BioGen Research.

• Vasco and his partner, Dolly, follow the fugitive back to his room, where he meets with a Russian woman whom they suspect to be a prostitute.

• Some time later, the two return to the hotel lobby and make their way to a restaurant.

• Vasco follows the fugitive, catching up to the fugitive just as he locks himself into an elevator.

• After a time, Vasco realizes the man is going to...

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