Objects & Places from Next Year in Havana

Chanel Cleeton
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This place is one of the wealthiest areas of Cuba, located in Havana, and it symbolizes excess and inequality.

Elisa's Engagement Ring From Pablo

This piece of jewelry symbolizes the promise of enduring love.

Portrait of the Corsair in the Perez's Havana Mansion

This piece of artwork symbolizes a wealthy Cuban family's roots and legacy.


This valuable commodity is the basis of the Perez family's wealth, but also symbolizes inequality on the island of Cuba.

The Florida Straits

This approximately 90-mile stretch of sea between Cuba and The United States was crossed by Cubans in often perilous journeys wishing to immigrate to America.

Old Cars

These vehicles are symbols of the sanctions placed on Cuba for decades.

Cuban Food

This kind of cuisine and traditional recipes are a link for Marisol to the country her family has lived in exile from for decades.

Couture Fashion


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