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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What last favor does Escobar ask of Alberto when they depart?
(a) To thank President Gaviria for his patience.
(b) To tell Maza Marquez that Escobar would love to meet with him sometime.
(c) To tell Maruja that Escobar is sorry.
(d) For Alberto to calm Escobar's mother and wife.

2. How does Escobar receive Father Herreros request to meet?
(a) He tells Villamizar to bring the Father to La Loma so they can meet.
(b) He sends a communiqué saying he is honored but is unable to meet.
(c) He tells don Fabio he is anxious but excited to meet the Father.
(d) Escobar accepts the Father's request at the Father's convenience.

3. What stops Andrés from seeing his mother immediately?
(a) He has to fight his way through a throng of reporters.
(b) His anxiety.
(c) A police checkpoint stops him from going further.
(d) Lots of car troubles.

4. How does Alberto Villamizar prepare for his reunion with Maruja?
(a) He buys dozens of flowers and favorite foods.
(b) He redecorates the house for her homecoming.
(c) He dresses up and waits with the children at their home.
(d) He invites all her friends and family to their home to welcome her back.

5. How does Beatriz find out about Marina's death?
(a) Beatriz asks for Marina's phone number.
(b) Dr. Guerrero tells Beatriz he is happy she did not end up like Marina.
(c) Beatriz asks her guards in the car.
(d) Beatriz hears it on the evening news.

Short Answer Questions

1. Maruja's new guards that come in February can be described as ____________.

2. What do the nicer guards ask of Maruja when she leaves?

3. What surprise do the reporters and Pacho's family get when they see Pacho?

4. What encourages Escobar to continue communiqués with Villamizar?

5. With whom is Escobar trying to make contact in order to negotiate?

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