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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Alberto go to visit the Ochoa brothers?
(a) Martha Nieves' home.
(b) Don Fabio's home.
(c) Envigado.
(d) Itagüí prison.

2. What is one thing that can break Maruja's bond with the nicer set of guards?
(a) Her zealous religiousness.
(b) Her atheism.
(c) Her inability to play Nintendo.
(d) Her judging character.

3. Where do the police believe Maruja is located?
(a) Among the jungle farmlands outside of Medellín.
(b) Near the border of Ecuador.
(c) In the city of Medellín.
(d) In the city of Bogotá.

4. What does Alberto personally offer in exchange for Maruja's freedom?
(a) A personal prison in Itagüí.
(b) A personal talk with President Gaviria.
(c) To support Escobar's family when he goes to prison.
(d) Himself.

5. What does "Doctor" suggest Maruja do when they talk?
(a) Write Alberto Villamizar a letter.
(b) Write Escobar a letter.
(c) Take walks to clear her mind.
(d) Ask the majordomo nicely for better treatment.

Short Answer Questions

1. When is the selected day for Maruja's and Pacho's release?

2. What negotiation does Escobar initiate on his own?

3. What do the nicer guards ask of Maruja when she leaves?

4. Who goes through a social change from a fearful victim to public star?

5. What does the majordomo tell Maruja when he hands her a radio?

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