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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Gloria Pachon and Villamizar ask of the police?
(a) An internal investigation to satisfy Escobar.
(b) For protection when they go see Escobar.
(c) To press on the Medellín slums even harder to send a message to Escobar.
(d) A month's truce to allow contact with Escobar.

2. What does Maruja threaten to do if she does not receive a radio and television?
(a) To yell at the top of her lungs.
(b) Stop taking her medicines.
(c) Stop eating.
(d) Stop talking to the majordomo and Damaris.

3. What is one thing that can break Maruja's bond with the nicer set of guards?
(a) Her zealous religiousness.
(b) Her inability to play Nintendo.
(c) Her atheism.
(d) Her judging character.

4. How does Alberto Villamizar prepare for his reunion with Maruja?
(a) He buys dozens of flowers and favorite foods.
(b) He invites all her friends and family to their home to welcome her back.
(c) He dresses up and waits with the children at their home.
(d) He redecorates the house for her homecoming.

5. Where do Villamizar and the Monkey meet Escobar for his surrender?
(a) In front of the prison.
(b) At Escobar's estate.
(c) Itagüí.
(d) At La Loma.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Escobar first begins his business with the drug cartel, how do the people of Medellín view them?

2. When Maruja is to be released, how much advance notice is she given?

3. What surprise do the reporters and Pacho's family get when they see Pacho?

4. Escobar does not want a firing range at the prison because he believes it is what?

5. What concerns Escobar when watching "God's Minute"?

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