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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the two things that give Marina and Maruja consolation while imprisoned?
(a) Cigarettes and magazines.
(b) Coffee and cigarettes.
(c) Breakfast and cigarettes.
(d) Fresh air time and coffee.

2. Which hostage is no longer worth a bargain?
(a) Diana Turbay.
(b) Marina Montoya.
(c) Francisco Santos.
(d) Beatriz.

3. How does law enforcement identify the body of the first hostage executed?
(a) Hair similarities.
(b) A tattoo.
(c) The up market clothes and well-groomed nails.
(d) Dental records.

4. What is most surprising about Santos' kidnapping?
(a) It is done in the middle of his workplace.
(b) It succeeds despite the number of cops at the scene.
(c) Everyone sees, but no one says a word due to fear.
(d) It is done in the middle of a busy street.

5. In what state does Villamizar find Hernando Santos and former president Turbay when he visits them for the first time after Maruja's kidnapping?
(a) Santos and Turbay believe their children are already dead.
(b) Santos and Turbay are discouraged.
(c) Santos and Turbay turn to prayer as their only hope.
(d) Santos and Turbay are still in a fervor to find their children.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does President Gaviria make clear to Maza Márquez about rescue missions?

2. Who remains after the series of hostage releases in late 1990?

3. From what does Marina suffer by the time Maruja and Beatriz meet her?

4. Why is Germán Montoya an important man?

5. How do the guards discover that it is Maruja's birthday?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the kidnappers abduct family members rather than the actual politicians or other influential people?

2. Describe Marina Montoya's situation as it is introduced in Chapter One.

3. Dr. Guerrero is Beatriz's husband. What is his initial reaction to the abductions and the consequences of his reaction?

4. Describe the attempt to rescue Diana Turbay and its consequences.

5. The guards who watch over Marina, Maruja, and Beatriz are excessively strict, but in about a month, they are able to relax a little on the rules. Why do the guards start off by being strict?

6. Despite a criminal past, how does Escobar show he cares about Father Herreros' respect and opinion.

7. The large group of six hostages is the media group from Crìpton. At first, they are separated into groups of three, then two. What is the purpose of the separation if they remain in the same area?

8. Describe what life is like for Escobar after he surrenders.

9. During Maruja's and Beatriz' imprisonment, there is a time when the sub machine guns are available to the women. However, they both decide without a word that they will not use it to escape. Why would the women decide not to try and escape despite this opportunity?

10. Explain Decree 3030 and why Escobar is angry about it.

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