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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the guards discover that it is Maruja's birthday?
(a) Beatriz and Marina sing "Happy Birthday" to Maruja.
(b) Maruja makes a fuss about it.
(c) During a television show by her children.
(d) From one of Maruja's optimistic games.

2. What becomes of the negotiations between the Notables and Escobar's negotiator for Santos and Turbay?
(a) A series of offers and counteroffers that arrives at nothing.
(b) They never occur because Escobar calls them off.
(c) A series of offers that gives indications of possible release.
(d) A counter-offer that leaves families fearing for the hostages' lives.

3. How are Pacho's guards compared to Maruja and Beatriz's guards?
(a) Pacho's guards are worse than the women's guards.
(b) Pacho's guards are hardly present.
(c) Pacho's guards are much more informal.
(d) Pacho's guards are just as harsh.

4. After Gaviria's response to the deaths, how do the Extraditables answer?
(a) They will release all remaining hostages.
(b) They will continue with the executions.
(c) They will release one hostage.
(d) They request another negotiation.

5. After the Notables negotiation failure, what news does Pardo give Villamizar to have something to look forward to?
(a) President Gaviria is putting more forces to work to help negotiate with Parra.
(b) Nydia has leads on Escobar is location.
(c) Another decree is being worked on to amend the first rejected one.
(d) Pardo's department receives a minicassette from Maruja.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Escobar reject the law that gives him immunity from his most feared punishment?

2. What is Manuel Perez famous for?

3. Why is Germán Montoya an important man?

4. From what does Marina suffer by the time Maruja and Beatriz meet her?

5. What major term is Decree 3030 missing that angers Escobar?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Beatriz is released, Maruja is now the only prisoner. Describe Maruja's state after Beatriz is gone?

2. Despite a criminal past, how does Escobar show he cares about Father Herreros' respect and opinion.

3. Describe the attempt to rescue Diana Turbay and its consequences.

4. Diana Turbay is one of the main hostages from the media group of six. Describe her background that shows her history and character.

5. How does Nydia feel about the rescue attempt before and after it occurs?

6. There are various families working on getting their relatives back. Some work together, others do not. Describe why some families have issues working together to find their families?

7. Describe Maruja's and Beatriz's initial reaction to their kidnapping.

8. Marina is kidnapped three months prior to Maruja and Beatriz. Describe what Marina is going through by the time the other two women show up.

9. What is the National Narcotics Statute, and how is it related to the abductions?

10. Dr. Guerrero is Beatriz's husband. What is his initial reaction to the abductions and the consequences of his reaction?

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