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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the guards prevent Maruja from learning about the retaliation for the Priscos' death?
(a) The guards stop bringing in the newspapers.
(b) New guards are brought in that know nothing about the past.
(c) The guards do not allow television and radio for a week.
(d) The guards take away the radio and television.

2. What does the Extraditables' lawyer want for his clients in terms of treatment?
(a) Political treatment as the guerrillas get them.
(b) A safe security prison.
(c) Amnesty.
(d) Minimum punishment if they turn themselves in.

3. How are Pacho's guards compared to Maruja and Beatriz's guards?
(a) Pacho's guards are just as harsh.
(b) Pacho's guards are worse than the women's guards.
(c) Pacho's guards are hardly present.
(d) Pacho's guards are much more informal.

4. How do the kidnappers abduct the first set of people?
(a) The abductors break into each person's individual home in the middle of night.
(b) Manuel Perez captures them during an interview and hands them over.
(c) The abductors promise them an interview.
(d) The abductors hijack their news van.

5. From the list below, which is one example of the relaxed freedom given to Marina, Maruja, and Beatriz?
(a) They can stand without asking for permission.
(b) They can request certain meals a few times a week.
(c) They can go to the bathroom when they wish.
(d) They can talk freely in regular voice volumes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Beatriz do to busy herself while being held hostage?

2. What major term is Decree 3030 missing that angers Escobar?

3. What complaints do the women in the drug traffickers' family have?

4. The guards watching Diana and her crew can be described as _____________.

5. How many men are directly involved with the kidnappings of Maruja and Beatriz?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Nydia feel about the rescue attempt before and after it occurs?

2. Sometime after Beatriz is released, Escobar notes that he needs Maruja more than ever. Why does Escobar rely on Maruja as a hostage more than other hostages?

3. Hernando Santos is seventy-eight years old and has had five bypass surgeries when Francisco is abducted. How does he react and what does this say about his character?

4. The decrees are supposed to be the main topic of the negotiations between Escobar and the government. When Decree 303 comes out complying with Escobar's capitulation policy extension, he only releases one hostage and keeps two. Why does Escobar keep the hostages despite his "acceptance" of the latest decree?

5. Maruja's daughter, Alexandra, commissions a program that is used to help communicate with her mother. What does this say about the family's connections and class?

6. Describe Pacho as he tries to escape and what he feels when he fails.

7. When the hostage situation seems at a standstill and all avenues at a dead end, Father García Herreros steps into the picture. What spurs Father Herreros to help end the hostage situation?

8. The abductions are very well planned. Choose two abductions and describe in detail how the kidnappings occurred successfully.

9. Months have passed for the hostages, and it is already a new year for Marina, Maruja, and Beatriz. What consequences are seen from a long hostage stay?

10. Pacho has ideas of escaping when he feels there is no other alternative. How is this option possible? What makes Pacho believe he can escape all the guards?

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