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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What remark does Escobar say about "Colombia Wants Them Back"?
(a) He respects their call for human rights.
(b) He finds the program selfish for focusing only on the rich and famous.
(c) He tells the producers the program is useless.
(d) He says he hears them, but they are not factors in the decision.

2. How does Alberto Villamizar prepare for his reunion with Maruja?
(a) He buys dozens of flowers and favorite foods.
(b) He dresses up and waits with the children at their home.
(c) He invites all her friends and family to their home to welcome her back.
(d) He redecorates the house for her homecoming.

3. What do the guards use to hide Pacho's face as they drive to his release point?
(a) A book.
(b) A scarf.
(c) A ski mask.
(d) A makeshift hood from an old sweat suit.

4. Who visits the prison to approve it before Escobar's surrender?
(a) President Gaviria.
(b) Luis Jorge Pataquiva, the prison director.
(c) Rafael Pardo.
(d) Villamizar and the Monkey.

5. How do Escobar's personal guards view Father Herreros?
(a) They are split in their opinion of him.
(b) They think he is a madman.
(c) They respect him.
(d) They are suspicious of his involvement.

6. How does Beatriz find out about Marina's death?
(a) Beatriz asks her guards in the car.
(b) Dr. Guerrero tells Beatriz he is happy she did not end up like Marina.
(c) Beatriz asks for Marina's phone number.
(d) Beatriz hears it on the evening news.

7. What is Escobar's army to do when he surrenders?
(a) The main captains are to surrender and be imprisoned with him.
(b) They are free to go since there is no direct evidence linked to them.
(c) They are tried separately for their crimes.
(d) They plan to leave the country a day before Escobar's date of surrender.

8. Maruja's new guards that come in February can be described as ____________.
(a) Uplifting.
(b) Worse than the other guards.
(c) Pessimistic.
(d) Rowdy.

9. What belief do both Pacho's wife and Escobar follow that influences their outlook of the future?
(a) Superstitious behaviors such as breaking a mirror bring bad luck.
(b) Astrological signs.
(c) Divine signs from the Holy Infant.
(d) Reading tea leaves.

10. How is Escobar located after he escapes?
(a) Escobar turns himself back in.
(b) Maza Marquez determination to find Escobar.
(c) A phone call is traced between Escobar and his son.
(d) Escobar's son gives up his location.

11. The attitude shown during days of waiting for Father Herreros and Escobar to meet can be described as __________.
(a) Relieving for Villamizar.
(b) Impatient for Father Herreros.
(c) Impatient for Escobar.
(d) Anxious for the Monkey.

12. What is Maruja's reaction to the communiqué concerning her impending release?
(a) She is doubtful.
(b) She is in shock.
(c) She is ecstatic.
(d) She does not believe it to be true.

13. When Escobar first begins his business with the drug cartel, how do the people of Medellín view them?
(a) They look at him as their Robin Hood.
(b) They are afraid to say anything.
(c) With curiosity but complacency.
(d) They are angry at the rise in crime.

14. What rumor begins to spread near the end of January?
(a) Escobar is done with negotiations.
(b) Two hostages will be released.
(c) One hostage will be released in exchange for their spouse.
(d) Two hostages will be killed.

15. What surprise do the reporters and Pacho's family get when they see Pacho?
(a) He is speechless despite his known loquaciousness.
(b) He is fatter and more spirited than expected.
(c) He is in tears despite his known stoicism.
(d) He is more broken in spirit than expected.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens that gives Pacho an opportunity to escape?

2. Where do the police believe Maruja is located?

3. Escobar does not want a firing range at the prison because he believes it is what?

4. What does Jonás tell Maruja and Beatriz before he leaves duty?

5. What is the reason for the numerous checkpoints seen around the city as Beatriz is driven to her release point?

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