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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Maruja's new guards that come in February can be described as ____________.
(a) Worse than the other guards.
(b) Pessimistic.
(c) Uplifting.
(d) Rowdy.

2. What message do the Santos' send Pacho in "El Tiempo" when they hear he will be released soon?
(a) A column about freedom.
(b) A picture of Pacho's family in his home with a spot saved for him.
(c) A family picture of Hernando with Pacho's wife and kids.
(d) An article about keeping hope alive.

3. Who goes through a social change from a fearful victim to public star?
(a) Pacho's wife.
(b) Dr. Guerrero.
(c) Martha Nieves.
(d) Andrés.

4. When Escobar first begins his business with the drug cartel, how do the people of Medellín view them?
(a) They are angry at the rise in crime.
(b) They are afraid to say anything.
(c) With curiosity but complacency.
(d) They look at him as their Robin Hood.

5. Who cries for Marina's absence the first night she is gone?
(a) Damaris.
(b) Beatriz.
(c) Maruja.
(d) Monk.

6. How does Escobar receive Father Herreros request to meet?
(a) Escobar accepts the Father's request at the Father's convenience.
(b) He sends a communiqué saying he is honored but is unable to meet.
(c) He tells don Fabio he is anxious but excited to meet the Father.
(d) He tells Villamizar to bring the Father to La Loma so they can meet.

7. What is Escobar's main negotiation issue with only Maruja and Pacho left as hostages?
(a) Security of his money while he is imprisoned.
(b) A prison he is willing to surrender to.
(c) Safety of his family when he surrenders.
(d) The safety of the Medellín boys in the slums.

8. How does Alberto Villamizar prepare for his reunion with Maruja?
(a) He buys dozens of flowers and favorite foods.
(b) He dresses up and waits with the children at their home.
(c) He invites all her friends and family to their home to welcome her back.
(d) He redecorates the house for her homecoming.

9. What does Maruja share with the new guards?
(a) Lentils.
(b) The devised codes from her family on radio and television.
(c) Stories about her sons.
(d) Her dream that they will grow up straight.

10. When is the selected day for Maruja's and Pacho's release?
(a) May 20.
(b) April 19.
(c) June 7.
(d) May 12.

11. What does Escobar do to prove his war with Marquez is over?
(a) Escobar sends a public communiqué apologizing to Maza Marquez.
(b) Escobar orders the boys of Medellín to stop killing the police.
(c) Escobar hands over information regarding his drug trafficking routes.
(d) Escobar sends information about where his explosives are kept.

12. What stops Maruja's thoughts of an escape through the courtyard?
(a) Two guards now take walks with her instead of just Damaris.
(b) The man in black Marina once saw is real to Maruja.
(c) The German shepherd is trained to bark at her.
(d) She sees an armed guard right outside.

13. What stops Andrés from seeing his mother immediately?
(a) Lots of car troubles.
(b) A police checkpoint stops him from going further.
(c) He has to fight his way through a throng of reporters.
(d) His anxiety.

14. According to the "El Especador," what new demand is Escobar asking for?
(a) A new Constituent Assembly vote.
(b) Exile of Maza Marquez.
(c) That Villamizar be Escobar's government liaison.
(d) A new prisoner director.

15. What does the government decide to turn into a prison for Escobar?
(a) A convent.
(b) An abandoned prison.
(c) An abandoned fort.
(d) An old rehabilitation center for drug addicts.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Maruja is to be released, how much advance notice is she given?

2. What concerns Escobar when watching "God's Minute"?

3. When is the only time Pacho Santos is required to remain quiet?

4. What does Pacho want to take with him from his hostage hideout?

5. What shocks Beatriz and Maruja the night Beatriz leaves?

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