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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In preparation for Beatriz's release, what does Maruja do?
(a) With Damaris' help, have a dinner of meat and potatoes instead of lentils.
(b) With Damaris' help, get Beatriz flowers as a gift.
(c) Ask Beatriz to bring back devised codes for the radio and television.
(d) Dress up and put on make-up for a release celebration.

2. Maruja's new guards that come in February can be described as ____________.
(a) Uplifting.
(b) Pessimistic.
(c) Worse than the other guards.
(d) Rowdy.

3. What last favor does Escobar ask of Alberto when they depart?
(a) To tell Maruja that Escobar is sorry.
(b) To tell Maza Marquez that Escobar would love to meet with him sometime.
(c) To thank President Gaviria for his patience.
(d) For Alberto to calm Escobar's mother and wife.

4. What stops Pacho from considering suicide?
(a) A column in "El Tiempo" specifically telling Pacho not to think about it.
(b) A deep conversation with one of the guards.
(c) A picture of his family in the paper.
(d) Rereading a letter he wrote to his wife while imprisoned.

5. How old is Escobar when he is imprisoned?
(a) 54.
(b) 41.
(c) 47.
(d) 35.

6. What belief do both Pacho's wife and Escobar follow that influences their outlook of the future?
(a) Superstitious behaviors such as breaking a mirror bring bad luck.
(b) Astrological signs.
(c) Reading tea leaves.
(d) Divine signs from the Holy Infant.

7. What do Gloria Pachon and Villamizar ask of the police?
(a) A month's truce to allow contact with Escobar.
(b) An internal investigation to satisfy Escobar.
(c) For protection when they go see Escobar.
(d) To press on the Medellín slums even harder to send a message to Escobar.

8. What city does Escobar threaten to dynamite?
(a) Manizales.
(b) Cartagena.
(c) Bogotá.
(d) Cali.

9. Where does Alberto go to visit the Ochoa brothers?
(a) Don Fabio's home.
(b) Martha Nieves' home.
(c) Itagüí prison.
(d) Envigado.

10. What stops Maruja's thoughts of an escape through the courtyard?
(a) The man in black Marina once saw is real to Maruja.
(b) She sees an armed guard right outside.
(c) Two guards now take walks with her instead of just Damaris.
(d) The German shepherd is trained to bark at her.

11. What is Escobar's main negotiation issue with only Maruja and Pacho left as hostages?
(a) A prison he is willing to surrender to.
(b) Security of his money while he is imprisoned.
(c) The safety of the Medellín boys in the slums.
(d) Safety of his family when he surrenders.

12. What are the guards' orders if there is a rescue mission for Pacho Santos?
(a) Use him as cover in order to survive.
(b) Leave him chained to the bed and leave immediately.
(c) Shoot him three times.
(d) Maintain Pacho alive and with them as they run.

13. How does don Fabio receive Villamizar's request for help?
(a) Don Fabio completely supports him.
(b) Don Fabio believes Escobar will no longer listen to his advice.
(c) Don Fabio immediately refuses involvement.
(d) Don Fabio is hesitant that Alberto is the right man.

14. What message do the Santos' send Pacho in "El Tiempo" when they hear he will be released soon?
(a) A picture of Pacho's family in his home with a spot saved for him.
(b) A family picture of Hernando with Pacho's wife and kids.
(c) A column about freedom.
(d) An article about keeping hope alive.

15. Who visits the prison to approve it before Escobar's surrender?
(a) Luis Jorge Pataquiva, the prison director.
(b) President Gaviria.
(c) Villamizar and the Monkey.
(d) Rafael Pardo.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Escobar first begins his business with the drug cartel, how do the people of Medellín view them?

2. What do the nicer guards ask of Maruja when she leaves?

3. What is Maruja's reaction to the communiqué concerning her impending release?

4. What does Alberto personally offer in exchange for Maruja's freedom?

5. What causes Damaris to leave the house?

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