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Objective: The events of the stories take place in Colombia. Colombia is unlike the U.S., so to better understand the events, it is best to understand what life is like in Colombia. The objective is to learn about life's limitations and possibilities in Colombia.

1) 1- In groups of 3-4, research Colombia's political environment from 1980 to mid-1990s. Research deep into the issue, not just the official government. What guerrillas are active? What are they asking for? What do the citizens think about the government's policies? Share findings as a class.

2- Research Colombia's economy during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Discuss as a class how the economic situation is related to drug trafficking and its prevalence.

3- Break Colombia into its departments (states). Assign each department to a student. The student is to prepare a 5-minute presentation of what life is like in that area...

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