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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 14, who does Ruth tell Chrissie she would need to contact if she wanted a deferral?
(a) The owner of the Cottages.
(b) Miss Emily.
(c) Madame.
(d) Hailsham.

2. In chapter 16, why does the narrator think she and her companions did not talk about their trip to Norfolk?
(a) They were waiting for Ruth to say something.
(b) They were embarrassed for themselves.
(c) They were anxious to hide the truth.
(d) They were embarrassed for Ruth.

3. What is the definition of a possible as described by the narrator in chapter 12?
(a) The parent of a clone.
(b) The normal person a clone is modeled after.
(c) The intended recipient of a clone's organs.
(d) The scientist who created a specific clone.

4. In chapter 16, who was the first of the Hailsham students to begin their carer training?
(a) Laura.
(b) Alice.
(c) Tommy.
(d) Ruth.

5. In chapter 15, what does Tommy suggest Madame does with the art from the Hailsham students?
(a) Uses it to determine who should become a donor.
(b) Uses it to determine when a clone should train as a carer.
(c) Uses it to raise money for the school.
(d) Uses it to determine who should receive deferments.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Goosehouse?

2. Why does there seem to be a different set of rules for the clones from Hailsham as compared to the clones from other backgrounds?

3. In chapter 16, what does Ruth begin to forget?

4. Who tells Chrissie and Rodney that the students at Hailsham were told about deferrals in chapter 13?

5. What does the narrator think of in chapter 15 when Tommy describes his new art creations to her?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 16, what does Kathy tell the reader she had thought she and Tommy might do after the trip to Norfolk, but never did?

2. In chapter 20, who does Kathy find at the address Ruth gave to Tommy for him to seek a deferral?

3. In chapter 12, Rodney and Chrissie report seeing what person in Norfolk during a trip there?

4. Why does Kathy constantly allow Ruth to indulge her fantasies even when she knows she is wrong?

5. In chapter 18, how does Kathy become Ruth's carer? How does Ruth react to this?

6. In chapter 15, Tommy reveals to Kathy that he had been searching for what in Woolworth's?

7. Why does Rodney and Chrissie detour the group into Woolworth's upon arriving in Norfolk in chapter 14? How do the others feel about this?

8. What does Ruth admit to Kathy in chapter 19 that she believes should have happened in their past and that she actively attempted to prevent?

9. In chapter 12, why do Rodney and Chrissie invite Ruth to go on a trip to Norfolk with them? Who else will be going?

10. In chapter 12, what fantasy does Ruth develop after learning where her possible works?

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