Never Let Me Go Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Kathy do for a living? What privileges has she been given as a result of being good at her job?

Kathy is a carer, someone who takes care of donors as they make their donations. As a result of being good at her job, Kathy has been given certain privileges, such as being allowed to request that she become a carer to certain donors.

2. How does Kathy know Tommy and Ruth when she requests to become their carer?

Kathy remembers Tommy and Ruth from her days at a school called Hailsham. Kathy requests to become their carer so that they might reunite and remember Hailsham together.

3. What often causes Tommy, as a child, to have a fit of temper?

Kathy recalls that Tommy, as a child, was often picked last for the sports teams because it would cause him to have a fit of temper. The other children found these fits amusing and liked to provoke them.

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