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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 16-17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 16, what does the narrator suggest is bothering Tommy?
(a) Ruth's choice to end their relationship.
(b) Ruth's behavior toward him.
(c) Ruth's decision to become a carer.
(d) Ruth's inability to be friends with Kathy.

2. What was the Cottages before it became a halfway house for clones?
(a) A private school.
(b) A health spa.
(c) A farm.
(d) A resort.

3. In chapter 16, what do Kathy and Ruth make fun of at Tommy's expense?
(a) His romantic side.
(b) His appearance.
(c) His behavior.
(d) His drawings.

4. Why do Peter and Gordon say they want to go to America in chapter 7?
(a) To become millionaires.
(b) To become doctors.
(c) To be better educated.
(d) To become actors.

5. In chapter 16, what does James B. carry back to a picnic at Hailsham?
(a) A potato salad.
(b) A cake.
(c) A plate of cookies.
(d) A watermelon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What excuse did Miss Emily give for the lack of tokens offered in exchange for the art Madame took away?

2. Who claims to not recall learning about deferrals at Hailsham in chapter 13?

3. What does the narrator describe as a piece of art she bought at an Exchange in chapter 8?

4. Who was Moira B?

5. Where at Hailsham, as the narrator describes in chapter 2, was the best place to have a private talk?

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