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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Rosicky find under his wooden box that he used for a stool?

2. What ae the boys going to do after they plow the wheat fields?

3. Rosicky thinks that town would be the place for one of his boys if they were what?

4. Who buries people if they die in the country?

5. Where will Rosicky stand to watch the boys plowing the fields?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the story, "Neighbor Rosicky", there are many times where Anton Rosicky is described in detail. The descriptions used in the story help the reader discover who Anton Rosicky is. Why do you think Willa Cather spent so much time describing Anton's physical appearance? How do these descriptions help shape the reader's opinion of Anton? Use specific examples from the story to support your findings.

Essay Topic 2

When Rosicky looks back on his life, he doesn't like to think about the two years he spent in London. We first read about his look back on his life in New York. Later in the story Rosicky does reflect on his time in London. Why do you think he finally lets his mind run free and remember the two years he would like to forget? Why did he relate the story of the goose to his whole family when he couldn't bear to remember these hard years?

Essay Topic 3

When Rosicky was young and living in New York he enjoyed the nightlife on the weekends and worked during the week. Later, Rosicky has a family and land of his own and his lifestyle is much different than it was in his youth. Compare and contrast Anton Rosicky's different lifestyles that he has had during his lifetime. Between his youth in London, his young adulthood in New York, and his later years on the farm what things helped mold Rosicky? Which lifestyle was the most satisfying for Rosicky? Why?

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