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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Polly want to do after Rosicky grips her elbows and shows his funny bright eyes?

2. What does Rosicky do while the turkey is roasting?

3. What did Rosicky listen to on Christmas day in London?

4. When Mary talks about the Fourth of July when they had a hot wind what does she say they didn't have yet?

5. How long ago had Rudolph gone to work in a factory in Omaha?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Rudolph and Polly are newlyweds that are dealing with living with one another and getting used to each other. Polly is also dealing with learning to get used to country life. Compare and contrast the two newlyweds. Do you think the decision of marriage was a bad idea for them? Why or why not? What outside factors have an effect on Polly and Rudolph's marriage? How are they dealing with this factors?

Essay Topic 2

When Rosicky was young and living in New York he enjoyed the nightlife on the weekends and worked during the week. Later, Rosicky has a family and land of his own and his lifestyle is much different than it was in his youth. Compare and contrast Anton Rosicky's different lifestyles that he has had during his lifetime. Between his youth in London, his young adulthood in New York, and his later years on the farm what things helped mold Rosicky? Which lifestyle was the most satisfying for Rosicky? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Rosicky describes embarrassment as the most disagreeable feeling that he knows. Why do you think he feels this way? What are some times in Rosicky's life where you think he may have felt embarrassed and why? Where are some instances in the story where Rosicky may not have felt embarrassed, but someone else may have? Explain your reasoning.

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