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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Rosicky say he is going to build in the boys' room during the winter?

2. What does Mary tell the doctor that he should keep handy to brush in his hair every morning?

3. What is the name of Rosicky's oldest son's wife?

4. How many miles was it from the rich farm to the Rosicky's place?

5. When the doctor says, "Oh, yes! They're coming. Maybe they'd come faster if I married," what is he talking about?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Rosicky do that makes Polly run to aid him?

2. When Mary leaves to go to town to see Doctor Ed, what does she have her boys do?

3. What conclusion does the doctor come to about the Rosicky family at the end of Part 1?

4. Why did the winter turn out badly for the farmers?

5. What are the two years of his youth that Rosicky doesn't like to remember?

6. Describe Rosicky's physical appearance.

7. Why did Polly marry Rudolph and how did they know each other?

8. What makes Polly want to drop her head on Rosicky's shoulder?

9. Describe the Lifschnitz home.

10. What happened to Anton when his mother died?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Rudolph is Anton Rosicky's oldest child. There are things that Rosicky and Rudolph do not agree or see eye-to-eye on. What are some of the things that Rudolph wants in life that Rosicky doesn't care to deal with? Why do you think Rudolph wants more than what his father has? Do you think Rosicky minds that Rudolph has this opinion? Why or why not? Describe the relationship between Rudolph and his father. Use specific examples in the story to include with your description.

Essay Topic 2

When Rosicky was young and living in New York he enjoyed the nightlife on the weekends and worked during the week. Later, Rosicky has a family and land of his own and his lifestyle is much different than it was in his youth. Compare and contrast Anton Rosicky's different lifestyles that he has had during his lifetime. Between his youth in London, his young adulthood in New York, and his later years on the farm what things helped mold Rosicky? Which lifestyle was the most satisfying for Rosicky? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the story of "Neighbor Rosicky", there is always a feeling of hopefulness and of happiness even when Rosicky tells of or ponders on harder times in his life. How does Willa Cather carry the feeling of happiness through to the reader? How is Rosicky happy even though has not enjoyed too many of the finer things in life? Has Anton Rosicky missed some of what life has to offer? Why or why not? Does Rosicky pass on his happiness? If so, how and why?

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