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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who buries people if they die in the country?
(a) Doctor Ed.
(b) Rudolph Rosicky.
(c) Mr. Thames.
(d) Mr. Haycock.

2. What ae the boys going to do after they plow the wheat fields?
(a) Turn the cows out in the field to eat the remains.
(b) Plant more wheat.
(c) Plant corn.
(d) Rake the fields.

3. How many fellow workmen had Rosicky helped bury in the tailoring trade?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) One.
(d) Four.

4. Where will Rosicky stand to watch the boys plowing the fields?
(a) By the windmill.
(b) Inside by the front window.
(c) The fence corner.
(d) The front porch.

5. What does Polly miss?
(a) Her cat named Tickle.
(b) The social life of being a store clerk.
(c) Her farm.
(d) Her car.

6. What has lodged into the alfalfa field?
(a) Russian thistle plants.
(b) Prickle plants.
(c) Rosemary plants.
(d) Wheat sprouts.

7. What does the snow leave after it melts?
(a) A soaked ground.
(b) Terrible ditches to clean.
(c) Mud for pigs.
(d) Soft ground to plant trees.

8. When Mary talks about the Fourth of July when they had a hot wind what does she say they didn't have yet?
(a) Wheat.
(b) Alfalfa.
(c) Corn.
(d) Apples.

9. What are the Jerusalem cherry trees full of?
(a) Fragrance.
(b) Leaves.
(c) Birds.
(d) Berries.

10. How many sisters does Polly have?
(a) Four.
(b) Five.
(c) Two.
(d) Three.

11. What does Mary set down in the middle of the group?
(a) Dessert dishes.
(b) A stack of laundry.
(c) A flower pot.
(d) Her darning basket.

12. What kind of car do the Rosickys own?
(a) Ford.
(b) GM.
(c) Dodge.
(d) Horse and Buggy.

13. What color of geranium does Mary have in bloom for Christmas?
(a) Red.
(b) Pink.
(c) Yellow.
(d) White.

14. When Rosicky sits down to have a pipe what does he listen to?
(a) The rain falling.
(b) The crickets.
(c) The clock ticking.
(d) The radio.

15. What does Polly dislike about housework?
(a) That there is so much of it.
(b) Sweeping.
(c) The dishes.
(d) All of it.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the day of the hot wind, what does Mary say she was making?

2. What rattles while Rosicky is sitting by the window?

3. Polly asks Rosicky to tell her about a city; which city is it?

4. Where was the tailor from that Rosicky met?

5. What kind of woman does Rosicky find terrifying and horrible?

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