Neighbor Rosicky Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. When Doctor Burleigh tells Rosicky that he has a bad heart, what is Rosicky's excuse for feeling short of breath?

When Doctor Burleigh tells Rosicky about his bad heart, Rosicky explains to him that he must have got a little asthma and he was just short of breath because of pitching hay.

2. Describe Rosicky's physical appearance.

Rosicky has triangular-shaped eyes, which are large and lively. Rosicky doesn't look like a sick man with his brown face, and ruddy, smooth-shaven cheeks. Rosicky has a long brown mustache and he has very little gray hairs.

3. What is the doctor's response to Rosicky when Rosicky suggests he just get a new heart?

When Rosicky suggests he gets a new heart the doctor tells him that he should just make sure to take a little care of the old one.

4. What kind of work does the doctor limit Rosicky to?

Doctor Burleigh tells Rosicky that he can feed the stock and do chores about the barn but that he can't do anything in the fields that makes Rosicky short of breath. The doctor also suggests that Rosicky not drink his coffee or smoke his pipe, but he tells Rosicky that he's never been able to separate a Bohemian from his coffee or pipe in the past.

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