Neighbor Rosicky Character Descriptions

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Dr. Ed Burleigh - This character is an unmarried doctor who provides a frame for the story.

Lifschnitz - This character is a poor tailor who lives with his/her spouse and five children in a small three-room apartment.

Miss Pearl - This character works as a clerk at the general store.

Anton Rosicky - This character is originally from Czechoslovakia and comes to Nebraska to work as a farmer.

John Rosicky - This character is about twelve years old and takes care of the horses.

Josephine Rosicky - This character sets an extra place at the breakfast table when Dr. Burleigh stops in.

Mary Rosicky - This character is fifteen years younger than his/her spouse and exhibits a warm generosity and exuberant enjoyment of simple pleasures.

Polly Rosicky - This character is thin, blonde, blue-eyed, and has some style.

Rudolph Rosicky - This character...

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