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Part 1

• Anton Rosicky is at the office of Dr. Ed Burleigh where he learns of his bad heart.

• Dr. Burleigh warns Rosicky that doing farm work will shorten his life.

• Rosicky thinks only woman should stay inside and work.

• Rosicky quietly leaves the doctor's office while the doctor's warnings sink in.

• Dr. Burleigh wishes he didn't have to deliver this dire news to someone he has known for a long time.

• The doctor thinks of a time when he delivered a baby for Rosicky's neighbor. The neighbor did not offer the doctor breakfast, but the Rosicky family did.

• Dr. Burleigh wonders about the inequity in life that prevents good, hard working people from ever getting ahead.

• The doctor also muses that perhaps the Rosicky family enjoys their life and that they don't need the complications of wealth.

Part 2

• After leaving Dr. Burleigh's office, Rosicky makes some purchases in...

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