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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Roy gets out of his slump, where do the fans say he belongs?
(a) With Memo.
(b) Back in his small hometown.
(c) With the immortal players, the giants, the heroes.
(d) With Iris.

2. What does Roy do to get even with Max Mercy?
(a) He breaks up his relationship with Memo.
(b) He hits him with his baseball bat.
(c) He pretends to be a German waiter and spills stuff all over Max.
(d) He tells Pop Fisher a lie about Max and gets him thrown out of the stadium.

3. In making his decision whether or not to accept The Judge's offer, what is the one thing Roy considers?
(a) What Iris would think of him if he did accept it.
(b) If he could maybe get more money from The Judge.
(c) If doing so would help him win Memo.
(d) If it was really wrong or not.

4. Why does Roy decide Iris Lemon is not the girl he wants?
(a) Pop encourages him to give her up and choose Memo.
(b) She is a grandmother and he is not ready to be a grandfather.
(c) He can't quit thinking about Memo, so decides she is the one.
(d) She is fat and he likes thin girls like Memo.

5. What does Roy decide to do to try and change his luck?
(a) Get some extra coaching on the side.
(b) Carry a lucky rabbit's foot.
(c) Say a prayer before playing each game.
(d) Turn his socks inside out and eat less meat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Max Mercy fixated on?

2. What does Roy hope to gain by becoming a superhero, the best ball player ever?

3. What does Max Mercy do to Roy that angers him so much?

4. What is Roy's reaction when The Judge shows up in his motel room?

5. What does Pop say in Chapter 10 that makes Roy's decision even harder?

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