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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Max Mercy do to Roy that angers him so much?
(a) He prints a story about Roy's insecurities.
(b) He takes Memo away from Roy.
(c) He prints a picture of Roy as a clown.
(d) He writes a negative news story about Roy.

2. What agreement does Roy make with The Judge?
(a) $50,000 to start his own company.
(b) $35,000 this year and $45,000 the next if they won the game.
(c) $35,000 this year and $45,000 the next to throw the game.
(d) They couldn't come to any agreement.

3. How does Roy feel when the fans began to cheer him on after he gets out of the slump?
(a) He is afraid they will turn on him because of his gambling.
(b) He doesn't care about them and hardly notices them.
(c) He remembers how they treated him when he was in a slump.
(d) He feels like a hero and the best ballplayer ever.

4. What does Iris tell Roy that repels him?
(a) That she likes Gus.
(b) That she is a grandmother.
(c) That she snores when she sleeps.
(d) That she likes The Judge.

5. What does Gus suggest in Memo's motel room that makes Roy so angry?
(a) He suggests he can get him lots more money for throwing a game.
(b) He suggests that Roy is taking advantage of Memo.
(c) He suggests that Roy is a sorry ball player.
(d) He suggests that Memo doesn't like him, but likes Max instead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Iris tell Roy he must do to be a true hero?

2. Why can Memo not be the woman Roy needs?

3. What does Roy do about the bribe he is offered to throw the game?

4. What does Pop say in Chapter 10 that makes Roy's decision even harder?

5. What happens when Roy sneaks out of the hospital and does some practice batting?

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