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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Roy do about the bribe he is offered to throw the game?
(a) He accepts the bribe and bets on the game.
(b) He reports The Judge to the FBI.
(c) He tells Memo and lets her know he is above that.
(d) He accepts but later changes his mind.

2. What does Iris tell Roy that repels him?
(a) That she is a grandmother.
(b) That she likes The Judge.
(c) That she likes Gus.
(d) That she snores when she sleeps.

3. What does Iris tell Roy when he accidentally hits her with a foul ball that goes into the stands?
(a) That she is pregnant with his child.
(b) That he needs to straighten his hit out and it will be a home run.
(c) That she knows it was an accident.
(d) That she thinks he did it on purpose.

4. What does Memo tell Roy when he proposes to her?
(a) That Pop has forbidden her to marry him.
(b) That she loves Gus.
(c) That she doesn't love him.
(d) That she is afraid of being poor.

5. Who is the only person that Roy thinks really cares about him?
(a) Memo.
(b) His first coach and trainer.
(c) His family who his hasn't seen in several years.
(d) The brunette in the red dress that stands in the bleachers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Roy give for not wanting to talk about his past?

2. What does Roy decide to do to try and change his luck?

3. How does Roy feel about Iris after he first meets her?

4. What happens to the relationship between Memo and Roy during his slump?

5. How do the coaches and players deal with the teams slump?

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