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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What headlines in the newspaper catches Sam's attention?
(a) The sports news headlines for the Chicago Cubs.
(b) The report of "The Whammer's" successful career.
(c) The murder of two athletes.
(d) The change of coaches for the Chicago Cubs.

2. What baseball position does Roy Hobbs try out for?
(a) Pitcher.
(b) Catcher.
(c) Right fielder.
(d) Left fielder.

3. What warning does Red give Roy that he ignores?
(a) To beware of Memo, who is a bad influence.
(b) To not play too hard because he was really too old to play baseball and might get injured.
(c) To watch out about Fowler, who is jealous of him.
(d) To watch his money and protect his old age.

4. What is the Judge's plans for the Knights?
(a) He wants to fire Pop and gain ownership.
(b) He wants to make the Knights a household word.
(c) He wants to sell the team to Roy, but Roy doesn't have the money to buy it.
(d) He wants to promote Roy as his best player.

5. How does Roy feel when he becomes the team hero, making news stories and filling sports columns with his achievements?
(a) He is proud to be able to help his team out of their slump.
(b) He is unhappy, feeling like he has a lot more to live for, and wants to conquer the world.
(c) He is ecstatic that he is a hero.
(d) He is happy, but misses Bump, who should have been the hitter.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do fans react to Roy after Bump's death?

2. Where does The Judge get his money?

3. Who signs the contract for Roy Hobbs to play for the Knights?

4. What does Roy do to impress Memo and make some money?

5. Who is Gus Sands?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Roy feels about Memo, Bump's girlfriend.

2. What was Roy's reaction when the young newspaper boy asked him if the headlines were true?

3. How does Iris feel about Roy when she meets him in person, and why?

4. What did Roy reveal to Iris about his life when they went driving after she cheered him on?

5. What did Pop tell Roy about the pennant game and his dreams?

6. How does Memo treat Roy after the fans declare him a hero.

7. What did Iris tell Roy in her letter, and what was his reaction to it?

8. When Roy goes to see a fortune teller when he is in his big slump, she tells him he will meet a beautiful brunette. What is Roy's reaction?

9. When she visits Roy in Boston, what excuse does Memo give for rejecting Roy during his earlier slump?

10. Why is the train significant in Chapter One of the novel? What does it represent about Roy's life?

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