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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pop ask Roy to do after he gets upset with Bump for his poor playing?
(a) He askes him to help coach Bump to improve his plays.
(b) He asks him to make Bump look worse so he could fire him.
(c) He asks him to bench Bump.
(d) He asks him to hit the cover off the ball.

2. What baseball position does Roy Hobbs try out for?
(a) Pitcher.
(b) Right fielder.
(c) Left fielder.
(d) Catcher.

3. Why does "The Whammer" reject Roy?
(a) He doesn't like baseball.
(b) He is jealous of Harriet and Roy.
(c) He thinks Roy is inexperienced.
(d) He has heard that Roy threw a baseball game.

4. What two places does Roy tell the train porter he has visited?
(a) Miami, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri.
(b) Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois.
(c) Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho.
(d) Dallas, Texas and Sante Fe, California.

5. How does Roy feel about Bump Bailey?
(a) He tries to teach Bump some techniques to help the team.
(b) He looks up to him as a mentor, since both play the outfield.
(c) He dislikes him because of his bad jokes and his lack of respect for the team or the coach.
(d) He is jealous of Bump's relationship with the coach.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the two friends that Roy makes with the Knights?

2. How does Roy hit baseballs in the game?

3. What is in the bassoon case that Roy carries on the train?

4. Who is Sam Simpson?

5. How old is Roy when he starts his journey on the train?

Short Essay Questions

1. What problem does Pop Fisher have with his pitcher, Fowler, and how does that affect the games?

2. What does Roy reveal to Harriet and what results from that revelation?

3. Sam is on the scene as a character for a very short time. What purpose does he serve as a character?

4. What does Iris tell Roy when he says his life has been a series of disappointments?

5. Fatal or life-changing accidents seem prevalent in this story. Discuss at least two of them.

6. How does Roy respond when the fans begin supporting him during the Knights' wins, after having rejected him all through his slump? How does his reaction change?

7. What does Roy do in the night after they lose the pennant game?

8. What happens when Roy goes to visit Memo in her hotel room and finds Gus there?

9. When Roy is in Memo's motel room, and she is talking about Gus, what does say about their relationship? Explain what the true nature of that relationship is.

10. How does Roy feel about Iris when he finds out she is a grandmother and what does he do?

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