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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two places does Roy tell the train porter he has visited?
(a) Dallas, Texas and Sante Fe, California.
(b) Miami, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri.
(c) Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois.
(d) Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho.

2. What happens to Pop due to Doc's influence?
(a) He wins a big game that helps his morale.
(b) He gets teased constantly.
(c) He gets fired.
(d) He gets hit by another player.

3. What does Max Mercy do when he sees Roy and Memo return to the motel?
(a) He accuses Roy and Memo of fighting and reports it to the newspaper.
(b) He interviews Roy about his black eye and writes it for the newspaper.
(c) He offers Roy $500 to let him print his story about the wreck.
(d) He chases him through the motel trying to get a photo for the newspaper.

4. Where does The Judge get his money?
(a) From ticket sales to Knights games.
(b) No one knows.
(c) From gambling.
(d) From players whom is he blackmailing.

5. What does Roy promise his fans?
(a) To use his money wisely if he gets a raise.
(b) To take care of Memo and treat her well.
(c) To stay with the team at least five years.
(d) To become the best ball player ever.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Harriet respond when Roy says he wants to be the best baseball player ever?

2. What happens when Roy and Memo go for a drive?

3. What physical trait does Gus have that makes him unique?

4. By what name does Roy call his personal bat?

5. What happens to Roy after Bump gets injured and dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Pop tell Roy about the pennant game and his dreams?

2. What does Memo talk about on her ride in the country with Roy?

3. When Memo comes to Roy's room she talks to him about money and how much it costs to start a good business. Why did she do that, and what else does she tell him?

4. What sort of fans follow the Knights?

5. What does Iris tell Roy when he says his life has been a series of disappointments?

6. What two things did Sam do that showed how much he cared for Roy?

7. At the beginning of the pennant game, Pop came to Roy to talk about his being benched. What did he tell Roy?

8. Why does Roy understand Pop's feelings so well about losing the game for his team? Compare his and Pop's experiences with failure.

9. A lady in red appears to Roy, but it is not clear if it is in a dream or reality. The lady in red, whether a dream or not, points out something to the reader. What is that fact?

10. Discuss the dreams of Roy and the failures he has experienced up to this point.

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