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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Roy obtain his special bat, Wonderboy?
(a) Sam gave it to him when he began representing him.
(b) His dad gave it to him as a young boy.
(c) He got it from a famous player that visited his hometown.
(d) He carved it from a tree that got struck by lightening.

2. Who is Max Mercy?
(a) A coach who was on the train with Roy.
(b) A sports writer.
(c) An Olympic athlete.
(d) Harriet Bird's jealous husband.

3. What does the author tell us about Roy's declaration to become the best ball player ever?
(a) It probably will come true.
(b) It can't come true because Roy is benched.
(c) It will make Memo love him.
(d) It might bring misfortune.

4. What does Memo's reaction to Bump's death tell the reader, given her lack of relationship with him?
(a) It shows she cannot form stable relationships.
(b) It shows she loved Bump, but quickly forgot him.
(c) It shows she didn't care much for Bump.
(d) It shows she really loved Roy all along.

5. Who does Doc Knobb accuse of causing the team to lose?
(a) He accuses Roy of throwing the games.
(b) He accuses The Judge of requiring Roy to throw the game.
(c) He accuses Pop Fisher, and gets him fired.
(d) He accuses the whole team of being sorry players.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Harriet respond when Roy says he wants to be the best baseball player ever?

2. How does Roy get a black eye?

3. What American tendency does Malamud say The Judge and Gus take advantage of?

4. What happens when Pop lets Roy pitch in Bump's place?

5. What is the relationship between Gus and Memo?

Short Essay Questions

1. What two things really bother Roy when the doctor tells him he can't play baseball any more?

2. What reason did Iris give for standing up in the stands and cheering for Roy?

3. Why does Roy have doubts about playing with the Knights when he has longed for fifteen years to play with them? What about his dream changes when he meets the team?

4. Fatal or life-changing accidents seem prevalent in this story. Discuss at least two of them.

5. What does The Judge write in his letter to Roy with the $35 thousand?

6. What is significant about the white rose that Harriet carries?

7. Why does Roy understand Pop's feelings so well about losing the game for his team? Compare his and Pop's experiences with failure.

8. What does Memo talk about on her ride in the country with Roy?

9. When Roy ended up in the hospital from overeating, what did the doctor tell him about his career in baseball?

10. What two things did Sam do that showed how much he cared for Roy?

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