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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Roy get a black eye?
(a) From a car wreck.
(b) Memo punched him.
(c) From a fight with Pop.
(d) He gets drunk and fights with a stranger.

2. Why does "The Whammer" reject Roy?
(a) He doesn't like baseball.
(b) He has heard that Roy threw a baseball game.
(c) He is jealous of Harriet and Roy.
(d) He thinks Roy is inexperienced.

3. How old is Roy when he starts his journey on the train?
(a) Twenty-two.
(b) Thirty-four.
(c) Thirty-three.
(d) Nineteen.

4. What happens when Roy meets Gus?
(a) Gus tells him the fans are disgruntled with him.
(b) Gus offers him higher pay to work for him.
(c) Gus talks him into selling his story to Max Mercy.
(d) He gambles and looses each time.

5. What major item do the fans give Roy?
(a) A whole wardrobe of clothes because he dresses so poorly.
(b) A white Mercedes-Benz.
(c) A new bat to replace his lost one.
(d) A new home.

6. What event causes Memo to view Roy more favorably and go for a ride with him?
(a) He tells her about his plans to become the best ball player ever.
(b) He gets a white Mercedes-Benz from his fans.
(c) He tells her about Bump's gambling and losses, making her glad Bump didn't marry her.
(d) He gets his raise, finally.

7. Where does The Judge get his money?
(a) From players whom is he blackmailing.
(b) From gambling.
(c) From ticket sales to Knights games.
(d) No one knows.

8. Why does Memo ride in the night with Roy without using headlights?
(a) She didn't know he had the lights off.
(b) She hates the light and loves darkness.
(c) They need to conserve the car battery.
(d) They are trying to escape without being noticed.

9. What are Bump Bailey's two main vices?
(a) Bad locker room jokes and his attraction to Memo Paris.
(b) Overeating and cursing.
(c) Trying to take credit for any wins and badmouthing his coach.
(d) Gambling and drinking.

10. Why is Pop Fisher "heart heavy?"
(a) He really doesn't like baseball.
(b) He mourns Sam's death.
(c) He doesn't want Roy on his team.
(d) He has never had a winning season.

11. How does Memo Paris react when Bump dies?
(a) She is sad for her uncle, Pop, as he misses Bump so much.
(b) She hides in her hotel room, grieving.
(c) She sympathizes with Roy, but doesn't really feel anything about Bump.
(d) She is glad Bump is gone so Roy could become the team leader.

12. What American tendency does Malamud say The Judge and Gus take advantage of?
(a) The tendency to follow one particular ball player.
(b) The tendency to seek a mate at all costs.
(c) The tendency to gamble on games.
(d) The tendency to fall for schemes promising quick money.

13. Why is Roy so good at baseball?
(a) He has natural talent in the sport.
(b) Sam drills him daily in how to play well.
(c) He has trained with "The Whammer."
(d) He had practiced with his father when he was young.

14. What does Roy do to impress Memo and make some money?
(a) He performs magic tricks.
(b) He sells his story to Max Mercy.
(c) He bets on the next Knights game and wins.
(d) He take her out to eat and agrees to a second job.

15. How do fans react to Roy after Bump's death?
(a) They leave the stadium and don't come back.
(b) They blame Roy for Bump's death and shun him.
(c) They demand a memorial for Bump.
(d) They cheer for Roy as long as he is successful.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Memo brag to Roy about when they go on a ride one night?

2. Who does Doc Knobb accuse of causing the team to lose?

3. What happens to Pop due to Doc's influence?

4. What does Roy dream of the first night with the Knights as he drifts off to sleep?

5. What viewpoint does the author take when he tells us about Roy's declaration and what it might lead to?

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