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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Roy because of Doc Knobb's help?
(a) He gets into an argument because one of the players doesn't believe it helps.
(b) He is benched for refusing to accept it.
(c) He leaves the team because Doc's help didn't work for him.
(d) He becomes the best batter in history.

2. How does Roy feel about playing for the Knights when he first puts on his baseball cap for them?
(a) He is nervous that he might mess up.
(b) He is thrilled to get his lifelong dream.
(c) He wants to run away for good.
(d) He wants to play for at least 10 years.

3. What happens when Roy and Memo go for a drive?
(a) They get stranded when the car breaks down.
(b) They get mad at each other and Memo starts walking back.
(c) They see a boy in the road and Roy thinks they hit him.
(d) They see Roy and he get mad that Roy is with Memo.

4. How does Roy feel about The Judge wanting to push Pop out of his job?
(a) He wants to get Pop's job when he is pushed out.
(b) He wants to help the team win and save Pop's job.
(c) He really doesn't mind because he doesn't know Pop well.
(d) He wants to have a better team manager, so is glad The Judge is pushing Pop out.

5. What does Pop tell Roy about Memo?
(a) That she is planning on running away.
(b) That she only brings bad luck to people.
(c) That he doesn't want Roy to have anything to do with her.
(d) That she doesn't love him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Memo brag to Roy about when they go on a ride one night?

2. What are Bump Bailey's two main vices?

3. What revelation does Roy reveal about his life at the end of the book?

4. What does Roy promise his fans?

5. How does Harriet respond to Roy when he makes romantic advances toward her?

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