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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Roy at the party on the night before the game that determines the winner of the pennant?
(a) He eats until he gets sick and is sent to the hospital.
(b) He leaves early because he needs rest before the game.
(c) He sees Pop at the party and gets into trouble for being up late.
(d) He meets a new girlfriend.

2. What will it take for Roy to be relieved from his suffering?
(a) For him to undergo a change in his values.
(b) For him to win a big game.
(c) To get medical help from his doctor.
(d) To help his teammates become better people.

3. How does Pop react to the almost magical quality of Roy's Wonderboy during the first game in which Roy gets to hit?
(a) He is afraid the fact that it is homemade might cause it to not be accurate.
(b) He forbids Roy to use it and demands he use the bat chosen by Pop.
(c) He tells Roy is it not legal size and weight, but use it if he can get away with it.
(d) He becomes optimistic about the team's chances of a win.

4. What does Pop ask Roy to do after he gets upset with Bump for his poor playing?
(a) He asks him to hit the cover off the ball.
(b) He askes him to help coach Bump to improve his plays.
(c) He asks him to make Bump look worse so he could fire him.
(d) He asks him to bench Bump.

5. What does Memo brag to Roy about when they go on a ride one night?
(a) About how much money she has.
(b) About her being a Beauty Queen.
(c) About how much Bump loved her.
(d) About her wonderful car.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Pop due to Doc's influence?

2. What does Max Mercy do to Roy that angers him so much?

3. What is in the bassoon case that Roy carries on the train?

4. What two things does Roy crave that drives his every action?

5. What happens to Roy that Max Mercy finds out when he comes back to the motel?

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