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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Roy gets out of his slump, where do the fans say he belongs?
(a) With Memo.
(b) With Iris.
(c) Back in his small hometown.
(d) With the immortal players, the giants, the heroes.

2. What happens to Roy at the party on the night before the game that determines the winner of the pennant?
(a) He leaves early because he needs rest before the game.
(b) He eats until he gets sick and is sent to the hospital.
(c) He sees Pop at the party and gets into trouble for being up late.
(d) He meets a new girlfriend.

3. Who is Max Mercy?
(a) An Olympic athlete.
(b) Harriet Bird's jealous husband.
(c) A coach who was on the train with Roy.
(d) A sports writer.

4. What is the reason Roy gets benched the second time (Chapter 6)?
(a) He gets drunk and stays out all night.
(b) He refuses to give up his bat, Wonderboy.
(c) He strikes out too many times.
(d) He pitches too many balls and not many strikes.

5. Why does Max Mercy offer Roy $5000?
(a) For his family's history.
(b) He wants him to throw a game.
(c) He offers it as a loan.
(d) He wants to buy the secret of Wonderboy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who signs the contract for Roy Hobbs to play for the Knights?

2. What does Roy think about his relationship with Memo when he is in his big slump?

3. What viewpoint does the author take when he tells us about Roy's declaration and what it might lead to?

4. Why does the lady tell Roy she stood up in the stands?

5. How does Roy feel when the fans began to cheer him on after he gets out of the slump?

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