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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What warning does Red give Roy that he ignores?
(a) To watch out about Fowler, who is jealous of him.
(b) To beware of Memo, who is a bad influence.
(c) To not play too hard because he was really too old to play baseball and might get injured.
(d) To watch his money and protect his old age.

2. What mistake did Pop make that Red tells Roy about?
(a) He embezzled funds from The Judge.
(b) He got caught between bases and caused his team to lose.
(c) He forced a player to throw a game.
(d) He gave a really bad call in coaching that caused him to lose.

3. What physical trait does Gus have that makes him unique?
(a) An eerie glass eye.
(b) Tattoos all over his body.
(c) A huge birthmark on his face.
(d) A huge wart on the side of his nose.

4. Who is the coach of the Brooklyn Knights when Roy Hobbs signs on?
(a) Pop Fisher.
(b) Sam Simpson.
(c) Max Mercy.
(d) Red Blow.

5. Why does Pop dislike Bump Bailey?
(a) Because Bump threw a major game.
(b) Because Bump can't play well.
(c) Because of his locker room jokes and his love of Pop's niece.
(d) Because Bump wants his coaching job.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Roy relate to Pop?

2. How does Roy feel about playing for the Knights when he first puts on his baseball cap for them?

3. What does Roy do to impress Memo and make some money?

4. What happens at the carnival when the train stops there?

5. What happens when Pop lets Roy pitch in Bump's place?

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