The Natural Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Bump Baily - Trying to maintain his reputation, this character lunges for a ball, bangs into the outfield wall, and dies.

Goodwill Banner - This character offered Roy money to fix a game and thus lose the pennant for the team.

Harriet Bird - After shooting Roy, this character dances around his prone body, making "muted noises of triumph and despair."

Red Blow - This character stated he would give his right arm to get the team manager the pennant.

Pop Fisher - This character manages and is part owner of the Knights, a New York City baseball team.

Roy Hobbs - This character has a huge dream, but fails the test of moral character and therefore fails to achieve that dream.

The Judge - This is the nickname of the character that is the owner of the Knights.

Doc Knobb - This character tries to teach...

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