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Chapter 1

• Roy embarks on a journey by train to join the Chicago Cubs.

• Roy experiences hunger on the train, a repeated theme throughout the novel.

• Sam, Roy's trainer and scout, struggles with alcoholism.

• Sam is not accepted and is often taunted.

• Sam is a father figure to Roy and tries to give him the best of things.

• Sam introduces himself and Roy to Max and Walter in an attempt to help Roy.

• Roy meets "The Whammer" on the train and strikes him out after Sam sets up a match.

• Newspaper headlines tell of the murder of athletes by a woman with a silver bullet.

• Sam has a prophetic dream about his death.

• Sam dies from being hit by a baseball thrown by Roy when he was trying to strike The Whammer out.

• Roy reveals to Harriet Bird his goal of being the best baseball player ever.

• When Roy...

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