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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Bigger place the ransom note to be certain Mr. Dalton gets it?
(a) Under the front door.
(b) In the Dalton mail box.
(c) On Mr. Dalton's desk in his office.
(d) Under the back door.

2. How does Bigger compare his family to Mary Dalton?
(a) He sees his family as alive compared to Mary being dead.
(b) He sees his family as afraid as compared to Mary's confidence.
(c) He sees his family as a burden compared to new possibilites created by Mary's death.
(d) He sees his family's poor existence compared to Mary's rich life.

3. In book two when Bigger finally falls asleep after hearing Peggy and Mrs. Dalton talking about Mary, what does he recall in his dream?
(a) How noisy he was when he took the trunk the the basement the night before.
(b) How Mrs. Dalton nearly caught him with Mary in her bedroom the night before.
(c) How noisy he was when he took the trunk to the car that morning.
(d) How his mother warned him he'll end up in the gallows if he doesn't straighten out his life.

4. What does Bigger give his friends when he sees them the morning after Mary's murder?
(a) Candy and gum
(b) A dollar and a pack of cigarettes
(c) Money and cigars
(d) A cigarette and a roll of dollars

5. How does Bigger feel committing murder has changed his life?
(a) It has given meaning to his life.
(b) He is afraid he will spend the rest of his life on the run.
(c) He feels it has opened the door to opportunity.
(d) He feels powerful and ready to kill again.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many people are searching for Bigger?

2. Who is Britten?

3. What happens when Bigger first awakens the morning after the murder?

4. What happens when Britten backs Bigger against the wall and grabs his collar asking him about the pamphlets Jan Erlone gave him?

5. How does Mrs. Dalton look when she comes to Bigger's room to question him about Mary's disappearance?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Book two, what does Bigger do at the drug store?

2. Describe Bigger's treatment when he was finally caught.

3. The morning after Mary's killing, as Bigger rode the street car on his way back to the Dalton house, he spent a lot of time reflecting on the plight of black people. Explain what Bigger thought would be a solution to their fear and shame.

4. When did Bigger realize how quickly news was going to spread that he had killed Mary?

5. Bigger was very much interested in reading about himself in the newspapers. Of what significance was this?

6. Why did Bigger decide to try to blame Jan and the Communist Party for the kidnapping?

7. In what ways was Bigger's capture similar to the opening of the book when Bigger chased, eventually killing the rat?

8. As Bigger arrived at the Dalton home on the morning after Mary's murder how was he feeling?

9. Although Bigger was very quick with his deceit and able to think on his feet, so to speak, in what way was he becoming his own worst enemy?

10. How did Bigger feel about killing Bessie?

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