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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Bigger's only regret about what he did to Bessie?
(a) He left $90 in her pocket.
(b) He didn't take back his engagement ring.
(c) He regrets she didn't see things his way.
(d) He has no regrets.

2. When Bigger nearly falls off the ledge, how does the writer describe what he would fall into if he had fallen?
(a) "The waiting arms of the police."
(b) "An ocean of cheers from the spectators below."
(c) "A boiling pot of hatred."
(d) "An ocean of boiling hate."

3. What happens when Bigger climbs another ledge on the rooftop and beings crawling away?
(a) He is spotted.
(b) He gets away.
(c) He buries himself in snow so they don't see him.
(d) He hides behind a chimney.

4. What did Bigger's mother say to him after she awakens the morning after the killing?
(a) She wanted to know what he wanted for breakfast.
(b) She wanted to know why he was there if he was supposed to live at the Dalton's house.
(c) She told him Bessie came to see him the night before.
(d) She wanted to know why he came in after 4 in the morning.

5. Where does Bigger first go after leaving his home the morning after Mary's murder?
(a) Church
(b) The pool hall
(c) Bessie's apartment
(d) The Dalton's home

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Bigger make his last stand?

2. After he returns to work at the Dalton house, what happens when Peggy asks Bigger to tend to the furnace because it has been running too hot?

3. What happens when one of the men discovers bone and an earring in the ashes?

4. When Bigger returns to the basement to shake down the ashes, what stops him?

5. What does Bigger overhear Mrs. Dalton saying to Peggy when she learns her daughter is gone?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Bigger's treatment when he was finally caught.

2. What kind of power did Bigger have over Bessie that she continued to obey his direction even though she knew it was wrong?

3. Although Bigger was very quick with his deceit and able to think on his feet, so to speak, in what way was he becoming his own worst enemy?

4. What is the Loeb and Leopold case that gave Bigger the idea to pretend Mary was kidnapped and collect a ransom?

5. How did Bigger feel about killing Bessie?

6. The morning after Mary's killing, as Bigger rode the street car on his way back to the Dalton house, he spent a lot of time reflecting on the plight of black people. Explain what Bigger thought would be a solution to their fear and shame.

7. What is the one problem Bigger feels he has to do before he will be okay?

8. Bigger was very much interested in reading about himself in the newspapers. Of what significance was this?

9. Why did Bigger decide to try to blame Jan and the Communist Party for the kidnapping?

10. What did Bigger's brother, Buddy, have to say to him?

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