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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Bigger tries to dispose of Mary's body?
(a) It's too heavy for him to lift it into the dumpster.
(b) It doesn't fit in the furnace.
(c) He has to put holes in the trunk so it will sink in the water.
(d) He has to steal money from Mary's purse to pay the shipping.

2. Where does Mrs. Thomas say Bigger will end up if he doesn't straighten out his life?
(a) In jail
(b) In foster care
(c) Living on the street
(d) The gallows

3. After they leave the movie and go to the pool hall, what does Bigger do?
(a) He says he wants to break into the Dalton home instead of Blum's Delicatessin.
(b) He picks a fight with the owner of the pool hall then stabs Gus.
(c) Gets in a fight with Gus then breaks a bottle and cuts the felt top of the pool table.
(d) Gets in a fight with Gus, then slices the felt top of the pool table with his knife.

4. What happens when Bigger puts Mary's body in the trunk?
(a) It doesn't fit so he has to cut her limbs off.
(b) It doesn't fit so he has to force it inside.
(c) It doesn't fit so he sits on the lid until he can close it.
(d) It doesn't fit so he rolls her in a carpet.

5. What two words best describe Bigger in this opening part of the novel?
(a) Hopeless and Fun-loving
(b) Pessimistic and Angry
(c) Angry and Joker
(d) Helpless and Strong

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Bigger afraid of being caught in Mary's bedroom?

2. How does Bigger feel when he enters the Dalton home for the very first time?

3. What does Bigger do after he puts Mary to bed?

4. What is Vera doing at the YWCA?

5. After meeting Mrs. Dalton, what two things does Bigger note about her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the Dalton's make Bigger feel so uncomfortable?

2. After Bigger realized Mary was dead, why didn't he even consider just telling the truth?

3. Describe Bigger's home.

4. What was the story Bigger planned to tell when he returned in the morning?

5. What is the symbolism of the two movies Bigger and his friends saw?

6. Why does Bigger panic when Mrs. Dalton enters Mary's room while he is in there?

7. What were Bigger's two final concerns about the burning body?

8. Why did Bigger want to kill the cat?

9. Why did Bigger decide to put Mary's body in the trunk?

10. What does it mean about Bigger "Feeling his blackness," even more after Mary Dalton and Jan Erlone's attempts at being friendly?

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