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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bigger do with the pamphlets Jan gave him the night before?
(a) He goes to his room in the Dalton house and carefully puts them in his drawer.
(b) He burns them.
(c) He throws them in the trash.
(d) He sits on the bed and reads them.

2. What happens when Bigger first awakens the morning after the murder?
(a) He sees his brother, Buddy, staring at him suspiciously.
(b) He doesn't think about what happened the night before.
(c) He tries to sneak out of the house unnoticed.
(d) He remembers everything he did the night before.

3. How much money does Bigger show Bessie to try to impress her?
(a) $125.
(b) $225.
(c) $100.
(d) $175.

4. What happens when one the men helping in the search for Mary discovers bone and an earring in the ashes that were removed from the furnace?
(a) He jumps out a window and hurts his knee, so he has to walk slowly to Bessie's apartment.
(b) Bigger slips away from the men then jumps out of a second story window into the snow.
(c) Bigger sneaks out of the basement door and runs to Bessie's apartment.
(d) He jumps out of a second story window into the snow then runs to Bessie's apartment.

5. In Book 2, how do the reporters decide to frame their stories?
(a) That the communists and the negros are working together to get the ransom.
(b) That the negros want to be left alone and the communists forcing their beliefs on them.
(c) That negros are becomming more involved with communism.
(d) That the communists have plotted the kidnapping and are blaming it on Bigger.

6. The South Side Real Estate Company is what to Bigger?
(a) The company Bigger dreams of one day owning.
(b) The South Side Real Estate Company is nothing to Bigger.
(c) The company to whom he pays rent for his family's rat-infested room.
(d) The company where Bigger hopes to one day work.

7. How does Bigger compare his family to Mary Dalton?
(a) He sees his family as a burden compared to new possibilities created by Mary's death.
(b) He sees his family's poor existence compared to Mary's rich life.
(c) He sees his family as afraid as compared to Mary's confidence.
(d) He sees his family as alive compared to Mary being dead.

8. How does Bigger feel committing murder has changed his life?
(a) He feels powerful and ready to kill again.
(b) He feels it has opened the door to opportunity.
(c) He is afraid he will spend the rest of his life on the run.
(d) It has given meaning to his life.

9. Before Bigger puts more coal on the fire, what is he certain he sees in the furnace?
(a) The shape of Mary's body beneath the coals.
(b) Peggy watching from the top of the stairs.
(c) He can't see anything because the light it out.
(d) The white cat watching him again.

10. What does Peggy decide must have happened to Mary?
(a) Mary probably left earlier than expected because she is usually unpredictable.
(b) There must have been some kind of foul play because Mary is usally very responsible.
(c) Mary probably waited for Bigger to leave then snuck out of the house again.
(d) To Bigger's shock she told him that Mary has lost her head since dating Jan Erlone.

11. What happens when Britten backs Bigger against the wall and grabs his collar asking him about the pamphlets Jan Erlone gave him?
(a) Mr. Dalton tells Britten that Bigger probably wouldn't even understand the brochures.
(b) Mr. Dalton tells Britten, Bigger probably knows nothing about them and doesn't even know Jan Erlone.
(c) Bigger stares coldly into the eyes of Britten until the man releases him.
(d) Bigger wants to hit the private investigator, but controls the urge.

12. After Bigger returns to the Dalton home with Mary's trunk, he again goes to check the furnace. Who interrupts him?
(a) The police.
(b) Mrs. Dalton and a white private investigator.
(c) Mr. and Mrs. Dalton and Peggy.
(d) Mr. Dalton and a group of white men.

13. On the streetcar on the way to Bessie's apartment what does Bigger want to shout?
(a) That he was lucky to have a good job.
(b) That he knew something they didn't know.
(c) That he was in love with a beautiful girl.
(d) That he killed a rich, white girl.

14. After Bigger leaves Bessie and returns to the Dalton's house what does Peggy tell him to do and why?
(a) To take the trunk to the attic because the Dalton's will start worrying about Mary if they see it.
(b) Go to the train station and find out what has happened to Mary's trunk.
(c) Go the the train station and pick up Mary's trunk because no one has claimed it.
(d) She tells him to take the day off because everyone is too worried about Mary to need his services that day.

15. How does Mrs. Dalton look when she comes to Bigger's room to question him about Mary's disappearance?
(a) She's dressed in white, and she is very pale.
(b) She's dressed in white, and she looks suspicious.
(c) She's wearing black because she knows Mary is dead.
(d) She's wearing a white pants suit and has her white hair tied back in a bun.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Buddy tell Bigger happened the night before?

2. What does Bigger finally do after wandering the streets looking for food and shelter?

3. What things does Mrs. Dalton question Bigger about when she comes to his room?

4. While hidden, Bigger reads a newspaper about the search for him. Why do the authorities still think Jan Erlone is the mastermind behind the entire murder and ransom?

5. What happens after Jan Erlone sees Bigger on the street, offers to help him, and then invites him out for coffee to talk about the situation?

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