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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Bigger arrives at Bessie's apartment and he tries to kiss her?
(a) She tells him if he doesn't marry her it means he is ashamed of her.
(b) She tells him that since he now has a job he can marry her.
(c) She isn't interested because he ignored her at the diner.
(d) She argues with him about not being home when she tried to visit him the night before.

2. Why does Bessie finally agree to help Bigger with his kidnapping scam?
(a) She is greedy and wants in on the deal.
(b) He says he will give her half the money.
(c) He threatens to murder her family.
(d) He says he will leave her if she doesn't help him.

3. When Bigger nearly falls off the ledge, how does the writer describe what he would fall into if he had fallen?
(a) "The waiting arms of the police."
(b) "A boiling pot of hatred."
(c) "An ocean of boiling hate."
(d) "An ocean of cheers from the spectators below."

4. In book two when Bigger finally falls asleep after hearing Peggy and Mrs. Dalton talking about Mary, what does he recall in his dream?
(a) How his mother warned him he'll end up in the gallows if he doesn't straighten out his life.
(b) How noisy he was when he took the trunk to the car that morning.
(c) How noisy he was when he took the trunk the the basement the night before.
(d) How Mrs. Dalton nearly caught him with Mary in her bedroom the night before.

5. What does Bigger contemplate while standing on the rooftop?
(a) Trying to jump to the next building.
(b) Trying to look for a fire escape.
(c) Jumping to his death.
(d) Shooting himself.

6. The South Side Real Estate Company is what to Bigger?
(a) The company Bigger dreams of one day owning.
(b) The company where Bigger hopes to one day work.
(c) The company to whom he pays rent for his family's rat-infested room.
(d) The South Side Real Estate Company is nothing to Bigger.

7. How much money does Bigger show Bessie to try to impress her?
(a) $225
(b) $100
(c) $125
(d) $175

8. What is Bigger's only regret about what he did to Bessie?
(a) He has no regrets.
(b) He didn't take back his engagement ring.
(c) He regrets she didn't see things his way.
(d) He left $90 in her pocket.

9. How is building Bigger chose as the lookout point for the money drop described in the story.
(a) A large, white building.
(b) A tall, white and silent building.
(c) A vacant building in the slums.
(d) A white, vacant, quiet building.

10. Before Bigger puts more coal on the fire, what is he certain he sees in the furnace?
(a) The shape of Mary's body beneath the coals.
(b) The white cat watching him again.
(c) Peggy watching from the top of the stairs.
(d) He can't see anything because the light it out.

11. As Bigger tells his fabricated story about the previous evening to Mr. Dalton and Britten, what is he feeling?
(a) So proud of his story he thinks of becoming a fiction writer.
(b) Like he is the one in control because he is telling them what he wants them to believe.
(c) Worried they will find something in his story that doesn't ring true.
(d) Afraid they won't believe him and that he'll be under suspicion.

12. After he returns to work at the Dalton house, what happens when Peggy asks Bigger to tend to the furnace because it has been running too hot?
(a) He tells Peggy the furnace is fine, but he will check it anyway.
(b) He hurries down the stairs to shake the ashes.
(c) He tells Peggy he will check the furnace later.
(d) He fears she suspects something and plans on how he will kill her if she discovers anything about Mary.

13. What happens when Bigger climbs another ledge on the rooftop and beings crawling away?
(a) He hides behind a chimney.
(b) He is spotted.
(c) He buries himself in snow so they don't see him.
(d) He gets away.

14. What are Bigger's plans for the kidnapping farce?
(a) Have $10,000 put in a shoe box that will be dropped and Bessie will retrieve.
(b) Put $100,000 in a hat box that he will retrieve.
(c) Put $1,000 in a hat box that Bessie will retrieve.
(d) But $100,000 in a shoe box that will be dropped and Bessie will retrieve.

15. What does Bigger finally do after wandering the streets looking for food and shelter?
(a) He steals a loaf of bread then hides in an alley to eat it.
(b) He steals a loaf of bread then finds an empty apartment to break into.
(c) He buys a loaf of bread then finds an empty apartment to break into.
(d) He hides with a group of homeless people living near the river.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bigger sign the ransom note he has written to Mr. Dalton?

2. Who is Britten?

3. What does the white cat do while Bigger is being questioned by the police and reporters?

4. What keeps stopping Bigger from shaking down the ashes in the furnace?

5. What idea does Bigger get after Bessie mentions he is working near the site of the Leopold and Loeb case?

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