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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bigger say when Bessie asks if he murdered Mary Dalton?
(a) He admits that he killed Mary and threatens Bessie, too.
(b) He laughs and says Mary killed herself by jumping in the river and he just watched.
(c) He denies killing Mary, but admits he stole money from her.
(d) He admits that he killed Mary and tells Bessie he'll tell everyone she helped him.

2. Who is Britten?
(a) A detective with the Chicago P.D..
(b) A private investigator Mr. Dalton hired that day to find Mary.
(c) A neighbor who saw Bigger carrying Mary into the house the night before.
(d) A private investigator from Mr. Dalton's company.

3. After Bigger returns to the Dalton home with Mary's trunk, he again goes to check the furnace. Who interrupts him?
(a) Mrs. Dalton and a white private investigator.
(b) Mr. Dalton and a group of white men.
(c) The police.
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Dalton and Peggy.

4. What things does Mrs. Dalton question Bigger about when she comes to his room?
(a) About where he took Mary the night before.
(b) About where the car was parked, the trunk and Jan Erlone.
(c) About Jan Erlone's involvement with the communists.
(d) About Mary leaving her new clothing behind.

5. How is building Bigger chose as the lookout point for the money drop described in the story.
(a) A tall, white and silent building.
(b) A vacant building in the slums.
(c) A white, vacant, quiet building.
(d) A large, white building.

6. What idea does Bigger get after Bessie mentions he is working near the site of the Leopold and Loeb case?
(a) Blaming Mary's disappeareance on Leopold and Loeb
(b) That he and Bessie should go out on the town
(c) Contacting Leopold and Loeb for advice
(d) Kidnapping and ransom

7. When Peggy finds Mary is not in her room what does she question Bigger about it, and what does he tell her?
(a) That the car is in the driveway because "the gentleman", Jan, was going to drive himself home the night before.
(b) He confesses that Mary had been drunk the night before and that "the gentleman", Jan Erlone, insisted on driving her home, but dropped Bigger at his home first.
(c) That the "gentleman", Jan Erlone, was planning on spending the night and he was going to go with Mary to the train in the morning.
(d) That he has no idea what could have happened since Mary was fine when he left her.

8. In book two when Bigger finally falls asleep after hearing Peggy and Mrs. Dalton talking about Mary, what does he recall in his dream?
(a) How his mother warned him he'll end up in the gallows if he doesn't straighten out his life.
(b) How Mrs. Dalton nearly caught him with Mary in her bedroom the night before.
(c) How noisy he was when he took the trunk the the basement the night before.
(d) How noisy he was when he took the trunk to the car that morning.

9. After Bigger leaves Bessie and returns to the Dalton's house what does Peggy tell him to do and why?
(a) She tells him to take the day off because everyone is too worried about Mary to need his services that day.
(b) Go to the train station and find out what has happened to Mary's trunk.
(c) To take the trunk to the attic because the Dalton's will start worrying about Mary if they see it.
(d) Go the the train station and pick up Mary's trunk because no one claimed it.

10. Where does Bigger first go after leaving his home the morning after Mary's murder?
(a) Bessie's apartment
(b) The Dalton's home
(c) Church
(d) The pool hall

11. Why does Mr. Dalton refuse to have Jan Erlone picked up by the police for questioning?
(a) He is afraid of the bad publicity.
(b) He's afraid his daughter is just doing this to disgrace the family.
(c) He doesn't think Jan Erlone has anything to do with it.
(d) He doesn't want the police invovled because doesn't trust them.

12. While hidden Bigger reads a newspaper about the search for him. Why do the authorities still think Jan Erlone is the mastermind behind the entire murder and ransom?
(a) Because Mr. Dalton really liked Bigger and wanted to help him.
(b) Because Jan Erlone refused to be released and has signed a confession.
(c) Because Jan Erlone is a communist and they hate communists.
(d) Because coming up with such a detailed plan would be beyond the Negro mind.

13. What did Buddy tell Bigger happened the night before?
(a) That Bigger's girlfriend, Bessie, came to see him the night before and talked about marriage.
(b) That he would keep quiet for a price.
(c) That their mother was happy he got the job.
(d) That Bigger's girlfriend, Bessie, came to see him and that she was angry he wasn't there.

14. Where does Bigger make his last stand?
(a) He climbs a water tower
(b) A fire escape
(c) He climbs into an apartment window
(d) A roof top

15. Where does Bigger place the ransom note to be certain Mr. Dalton gets it?
(a) On Mr. Dalton's desk in his office.
(b) Under the front door.
(c) Under the back door.
(d) In the Dalton mail box.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens after Jan Erlone sees Bigger on the street and offers to help him, then invites him out for coffee to talk about the situation?

2. What does Peggy decide must have happened to Mary?

3. What does Bigger overhear Mrs. Dalton saying to Peggy when she learns her daughter is gone?

4. What does Bigger contemplate while standing on the rooftop?

5. How do the police finally catch Bigger?

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