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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Bigger make his last stand?
(a) He climbs a water tower.
(b) He climbs into an apartment window.
(c) A roof top.
(d) A fire escape.

2. How much money does Bigger show Bessie to try to impress her?
(a) $175.
(b) $100.
(c) $125.
(d) $225.

3. How many people are searching for Bigger after he runs away from the Dalton home after Mary's bones are found?
(a) Eight thousand police and vigilantes.
(b) Eight thousand police officers.
(c) Eight thousand armed, angry, white men.
(d) Five thousand vigilantes.

4. What keeps stopping Bigger from shaking down the ashes in the furnace?
(a) He wants to make sure Mary's body is completely burned.
(b) Fear and dread.
(c) He is afraid of burning himself.
(d) He doesn't know the ashes need to be removed.

5. Bigger finally shakes down the ashes, but he doesn't remove them from the furnace; he just adds more coal. What happens then?
(a) The room fill with smoke so Bigger has to get a fan to blow it out the basement window.
(b) The fire goes out and Bigger must restart it.
(c) The fire is smothered and the basement fills with smoke.
(d) The fire starts to get hot again.

6. When Bigger returns to the basement to shake down the ashes, what stops him?
(a) He sees that her body hasn't completely burned.
(b) He hears someone and is afraid they will see Mary's body.
(c) The white cat stares at him and makes uncomfortable.
(d) He thinks he sees Mary's face as it looked the night before.

7. What happens when Bigger climbs another ledge on the rooftop and beings crawling away?
(a) He gets away.
(b) He buries himself in snow so they don't see him.
(c) He is spotted.
(d) He hides behind a chimney.

8. What happens when Britten backs Bigger against the wall and grabs his collar asking him about the pamphlets Jan Erlone gave him?
(a) Bigger stares coldly into the eyes of Britten until the man releases him.
(b) Bigger wants to hit the private investigator, but controls the urge.
(c) Mr. Dalton tells Britten, Bigger probably knows nothing about them and doesn't even know Jan Erlone.
(d) Mr. Dalton tells Britten that Bigger probably wouldn't even understand the brochures.

9. After he recalls killing Mary Dalton, what did Bigger realize he left in plain sight of his mother and his siblings?
(a) Mary's purse.
(b) The knife.
(c) His bloody clothing.
(d) The pamphlets Jan gave him.

10. What does Bigger do to Bessie after they go to the old building to hide?
(a) He smashes her head with a brick, then runs away.
(b) He rapes her then cuts off her head like he did Mary's and throws her body down an air shaft.
(c) He rapes her then after she falls asleep, kills her with a brick, then throws her body down an air shaft.
(d) He sleeps, then awakens realizing he must kill Bessie.

11. When Peggy finds Mary is not in her room what does she question Bigger about it and what does he tell her?
(a) That the "gentleman," Jan Erlone, was planning on spending the night and he was going to go with Mary to the train in the morning.
(b) He confesses that Mary had been drunk the night before and that "the gentleman," Jan Erlone, insisted on driving her home, but dropped Bigger at his home first.
(c) That he has no idea what could have happened since Mary was fine when he left her.
(d) That the car is in the driveway because "the gentleman," Jan, was going to drive himself home the night before.

12. In Book 2 when Bigger finally falls asleep after hearing Peggy and Mrs. Dalton talking about Mary, what does he recall in his dream?
(a) How his mother warned him he'll end up in the gallows if he didn't straighten out his life.
(b) How noisy he was when he took the trunk to the car that morning.
(c) How noisy he was when he took the trunk the the basement the night before.
(d) How Mrs. Dalton nearly caught him with Mary in her bedroom the night before.

13. What does Bigger contemplate while standing on the rooftop of the building where he is hiding?
(a) Trying to look for a fire escape.
(b) Shooting himself.
(c) Trying to jump to the next building.
(d) Jumping to his death.

14. On the streetcar on the way to Bessie's apartment what does Bigger want to shout?
(a) That he knew something they didn't know.
(b) That he killed a rich, white girl.
(c) That he was in love with a beautiful girl.
(d) That he was lucky to have a good job.

15. What happens after Jan Erlone sees Bigger on the street, offers to help him, and then invites him out for coffee to talk about the situation?
(a) Jan Erlone runs away when he sees Bigger has a knife.
(b) Bigger pulls a gun on Jan Erlone.
(c) Bigger tells Jan Erlone he doesn't need his help.
(d) Bigger runs away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Buddy tell Bigger happened the night before?

2. What does Bigger overhear Mrs. Dalton saying to Peggy when she learns her daughter is gone?

3. What idea does Bigger get after Bessie mentions he is working near the site of the Leopold and Loeb case?

4. What does Bigger begin to wish for all blacks?

5. When Bigger nearly falls off the ledge, how does the writer describe what he would fall into if he had fallen?

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