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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bigger say when Bessie asks if he murdered Mary Dalton?
(a) He admits that he killed Mary and tells Bessie he'll tell everyone she helped him.
(b) He denies killing Mary, but admits he stole money from her.
(c) He admits that he killed Mary and threatens Bessie, too.
(d) He laughs and says Mary killed herself by jumping in the river and he just watched.

2. What does Bigger begin to wish for all blacks?
(a) That they will become superior to the whites and treat them like they have been treated.
(b) That someone will bring them together to make their lives better.
(c) That one day blacks will one day be equal to whites.
(d) That they will one day make their own laws and rules.

3. After he returns to work at the Dalton house, what happens when Peggy asks Bigger to tend to the furnace because it has been running too hot?
(a) He tells Peggy the furnace is fine, but he will check it anyway.
(b) He fears she suspects something and plans on how he will kill her if she discovers anything about Mary.
(c) He tells Peggy he will check the furnace later.
(d) He hurries down the stairs to shake the ashes.

4. What are Bigger's plans for the kidnapping farce?
(a) Put $1,000 in a hat box that Bessie will retrieve.
(b) Have $10,000 put in a shoe box that will be dropped and Bessie will retrieve.
(c) Put $100,000 in a hat box that he will retrieve.
(d) But $100,000 in a shoe box that will be dropped and Bessie will retrieve.

5. Before Bigger puts more coal on the fire, what is he certain he sees in the furnace?
(a) Peggy watching from the top of the stairs.
(b) He can't see anything because the light it out.
(c) The shape of Mary's body beneath the coals.
(d) The white cat watching him again.

6. What does Bigger finally do after wandering the streets looking for food and shelter?
(a) He steals a loaf of bread then hides in an alley to eat it.
(b) He buys a loaf of bread then finds an empty apartment to break into.
(c) He steals a loaf of bread then finds an empty apartment to break into.
(d) He hides with a group of homeless people living near the river.

7. How do the police finally catch Bigger?
(a) They use a water hose to soak him.
(b) An officer wrestles with him and wins.
(c) They shoot him in the leg.
(d) They don't, he gets away one more time.

8. What keeps stopping Bigger from shaking down the ashes in the furnace?
(a) He doesn't know the ashes need to be removed.
(b) He is afraid of burning himself.
(c) He wants to make sure Mary's body is completely burned.
(d) Fear and dread

9. What happens when Bigger climbs another ledge on the rooftop and beings crawling away?
(a) He gets away.
(b) He hides behind a chimney.
(c) He buries himself in snow so they don't see him.
(d) He is spotted.

10. While hidden Bigger reads a newspaper about the search for him. Why do the authorities still think Jan Erlone is the mastermind behind the entire murder and ransom?
(a) Because coming up with such a detailed plan would be beyond the Negro mind.
(b) Because Jan Erlone refused to be released and has signed a confession.
(c) Because Jan Erlone is a communist and they hate communists.
(d) Because Mr. Dalton really liked Bigger and wanted to help him.

11. What happens when Bigger first awakens the morning after the murder?
(a) He tries to sneak out of the house unnoticed.
(b) He sees his brother, Buddy, staring at him suspiciously.
(c) He remembers everything he did the night before.
(d) He doesn't think about what happened the night before.

12. What did Bigger's mother say to him after she awakens the morning after the killing?
(a) She told him Bessie came to see him the night before.
(b) She wanted to know what he wanted for breakfast.
(c) She wanted to know why he came in after 4 in the morning.
(d) She wanted to know why he was there if he was supposed to live at the Dalton's house.

13. In Book Two Bigger is feeling very confident and powerful, except when he sleeps and dreams. What does he dream about after his first meeting with Britten.
(a) He tries to run from the blood, the coal, and white faces.
(b) A church bell that turns out to be a warning bell urging him to hide himself and his package.
(c) He is carrying a package that turns out to be his own severed, bloddy head wrapped in paper.
(d) All are correct.

14. Where does Bigger place the ransom note to be certain Mr. Dalton gets it?
(a) On Mr. Dalton's desk in his office.
(b) Under the back door.
(c) Under the front door.
(d) In the Dalton mail box.

15. What does Jan Erlone think when he hears Bigger's lie about him?
(a) That they are all crazy and should be looking for Mary instead of questioning him.
(b) That Mr. Dalton, Britten and Bigger just hate communists.
(c) That Bigger is the person responsible for Mary's disappearance.
(d) That Mr. Dalton and Britten are making Bigger lie.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many people are searching for Bigger?

2. What did Buddy tell Bigger happened the night before?

3. What does Bigger overhear Mrs. Dalton saying to Peggy when she learns her daughter is gone?

4. What happens when Bigger arrives at Bessie's apartment and he tries to kiss her?

5. After Bigger leaves Bessie and returns to the Dalton's house what does Peggy tell him to do and why?

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