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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Mrs. Dalton speaks to Bigger in the kitchen, what surprises him about her?
(a) In spite of her blindness she is knows exactly where he is.
(b) In spite of her blindness she is very independent.
(c) That she can read his mind.
(d) That she can look deep into his soul.

2. Where does Bigger have a job interview?
(a) At the supermarket
(b) At YMCA
(c) At Blum's Delicatessin
(d) At the Dalton's

3. How does Bigger feel when he enters the Dalton home for the very first time?
(a) Worried
(b) Lucky
(c) Uncomfortable
(d) Indifferent

4. Who does Bigger decide to blame for Mary's death?
(a) Bessie Mears
(b) Jan Erlone
(c) Peggy
(d) Jack

5. What happens when Bigger tries to dispose of Mary's body?
(a) It doesn't fit in the furnace.
(b) He has to put holes in the trunk so it will sink in the water.
(c) It's too heavy for him to lift it into the dumpster.
(d) He has to steal money from Mary's purse to pay the shipping.

6. What does Mr. Dalton's company own?
(a) A limo service.
(b) A construction company.
(c) The home in the ghetto where Bigger lives.
(d) The oldest bank in the city.

7. What is the job Mr. Dalton is hiring Bigger to do?
(a) chauffeur
(b) window washer
(c) handy-man
(d) butler

8. What doe Bigger and Jack think being "Red" is?
(a) It's American communists.
(b) That it is better to be "Red" than dead.
(c) It's a violent race in Russia.
(d) It's to do with Native Americans.

9. Who answers the door when Bigger finally knocks on the door of the Dalton house?
(a) The butler.
(b) Mr. Dalton
(c) The house-keeper.
(d) Mary Dalton

10. What does Bigger do after he puts Mary to bed?
(a) He leaves her alone
(b) He kisses her
(c) He covers her
(d) He puts her into her nightgown

11. Where does the novel "Native Son" take place?
(a) New York City
(b) Birmingham
(c) Chicago
(d) Philadelphia

12. What is the theme of the movie Bigger and Jack go to see?
(a) The lifestyle of rich white people
(b) That blacks can also be rich
(c) That white people will suffer in the depression
(d) That white's are all communists

13. What is the title of the first part of the novel?
(a) Lost Soul
(b) Fear
(c) Rage
(d) Anger

14. When Bigger when arrives at the Dalton home for his interview, what question plagues him as he stands outside the house?
(a) Whether he should go to the front door or the back.
(b) He's concerned he won't be able to do the job.
(c) He's worried they will dislike him because he is black.
(d) Whether he should be dressed in nicer clothing.

15. Why does Mrs. Dalton express disappoint in Bigger?
(a) Because he does not want to continue his education.
(b) Because he has a prison record.
(c) Because he is in a gang.
(d) Because he doesn't like her family.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Bigger Thomas and his family live?

2. What two words best describe Bigger in this opening part of the novel?

3. When the young couple treats him as an equal how does if make Bigger feel?

4. What happens when Bigger puts Mary's body in the trunk?

5. Who does Mary ask Bigger to pick up after they leave home his first night working for them?

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