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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mary ask Bigger to pick up after they leave home his first night working for them?
(a) Her friend, Joan Erlone
(b) Her boyfriend, Jan Erlone
(c) She doesn't ask him to pick up anyone.
(d) Her professor, Mr. Erlone

2. What does Bigger realize after Mrs. Dalton leaves Mary's bedroom?
(a) That he killed Mary by smothering her.
(b) That he is a very lucky young man.
(c) That Mary wanted him to kiss her.
(d) That Mary had a heart attack.

3. What does Mrs. Thomas want Bigger to do to help the family?
(a) Go to the supermarket for rat poison.
(b) Get them a better place to live.
(c) Get a job.
(d) Go to Blum's Delicatessin to get dinner.

4. Where does Bigger take the trunk with the body inside?
(a) Into the garage
(b) Out to the car
(c) To a dumpster
(d) Into the basement

5. Where does Bigger say white people live?
(a) In the ghetto
(b) Inside him and all other black people
(c) Inside fancy mansions
(d) On the south side of Chicago

6. Who answers the door when Bigger finally knocks on the door of the Dalton house?
(a) The house-keeper.
(b) Mr. Dalton
(c) Mary Dalton
(d) The butler.

7. What terrorizes the family in the opening of the novel?
(a) A rabid cat
(b) A gunman
(c) A rat
(d) Their landlord

8. Where do Mary and Jan sit in the car?
(a) In the back seat.
(b) In the front seat with Bigger.
(c) The sit in the front and ask Bigger to sit in the back.
(d) The don't, they walk.

9. How does Bigger get Mary to her room without disturbing anyone?
(a) He gets her parents to help
(b) He carries her
(c) He drags her
(d) He gets Peggy to help

10. What is wrong with Mary when Bigger takes her home?
(a) She is very sick.
(b) She doesn't want to go home.
(c) She is too drunk to walk.
(d) She wants to go right to Detroit.

11. What happens when Bigger tries to dispose of Mary's body?
(a) He has to steal money from Mary's purse to pay the shipping.
(b) It doesn't fit in the furnace.
(c) He has to put holes in the trunk so it will sink in the water.
(d) It's too heavy for him to lift it into the dumpster.

12. What does Bigger do to silence Mary in her room?
(a) He puts his hand over her mouth.
(b) He puts a pillow over her face.
(c) He stuffs the corner of her blanket in her mouth.
(d) He kisses her.

13. What makes Mrs. Dalton leave Mary's bedroom when she comes to check on her daughter?
(a) She is afraid of Bigger.
(b) She thinks her daugher is asleep.
(c) She goes to get her husband.
(d) She smells liquor and thinks her daughter is passed out.

14. What happens when Bigger puts Mary's body in the trunk?
(a) It doesn't fit so he rolls her in a carpet.
(b) It doesn't fit so he has to cut her limbs off.
(c) It doesn't fit so he sits on the lid until he can close it.
(d) It doesn't fit so he has to force it inside.

15. After Bigger threatens Gus, who prevents him from attacking the other man?
(a) G. H.
(b) Bigger's mom
(c) Vera
(d) Jack

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Bigger and Mary take Jan after their evening out?

2. Where does Mrs. Thomas say Bigger will end up if he doesn't straighten out his life?

3. Why does Mrs. Dalton express disappoint in Bigger?

4. What does Mr. Dalton's company own?

5. Where does the novel "Native Son" take place?

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