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Lesson 1

Objective: Book 1: The story opens as the Thomas family awakens to find a rat in their room. In this lesson students will identify and discuss the symbolism of the rat as a way to better understand the way Bigger Thomas lives his life.

1) Discussion Points and Questions for Pages 1 to 17:

> How would you describe the Thomas family home?

> What does the introduction of the rat in the story show readers about the Thomas home?

> What similarities are their between the rat in the story and what you learn in Book 1 about Bigger?

> What is the family's reaction to the rat?

> What is the family's reaction to the rat?

> Is there anything "normal" about how the members of the family act?

> How does the rat reinforce Mrs. Thomas's request that Bigger not forget his job interview?

> How does Bigger feel about getting the job?

Equipment and Supplies: whiteboards...

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