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Book 1

• Bigger Thomas is introduced a young black man sharing one room with two siblings and their mother.

• A huge rat in the room sends Bigger and his brother on a wild chase to kill the rodent.

• Bigger shows disrespect and anger toward his mother and sister when mother reminds him of his job interview.
• Later at pool hall, Bigger and his friends, Jack, G.H. and Gus plan to robe Blum's Delicatessen.

• Bigger admits he would like to fly a plane and his friends tell him it will never happen.
• Bigger and Jack go to movies.

• Bigger fears the idea of robbing Blum's but won't back down. He hopes Gus won't show.
• When Gus arrives Bigger is so furious he pulls a knife on Gus and slices the pool table top.

• The robbery is off and no one suspects Bigger's anger toward Gus was because he showed...

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