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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did William get into the habit of using a regular syringe for his shots?
(a) Mexico
(b) New York
(c) Paris
(d) Argentina

2. What is William trying to avoid in his court case?
(a) Executed
(b) Evicted
(c) Framed
(d) Deported

3. Who tells the story of a boy who literally cuts “a piece of ass” from a prostitute?
(a) Carl
(b) William Lee
(c) AJ
(d) The Sailor

4. What term refers to a rhetorical device, literary technique, or situation in which there is a sharp incongruity or discordance that goes beyond the simple and evident intention of words or actions?
(a) Symbolism
(b) Incongruence
(c) Metaphors
(d) Irony

5. What is the official, whose attention William is trying to get, doing?
(a) Taking phone calls
(b) Telling racist jokes
(c) Reading the paper
(d) Watching the television

Short Answer Questions

1. What organization distributes bulletins spelled out in obscene charades by hebephrenics?

2. What time did Hauser and O’Brien walk in on William in his hotel room?

3. Who does William offer to set up when speaking with Hauser and O’Brien?

4. On what day does Fats siphon himself into The Plaza?

5. Who runs the building described where these transactions take place?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Dr. Schafer differ from Dr. Benway?

2. Where does William Lee go after shooting Hauser and O’Brien? Why?

3. Where is Queens Plaza located? How does this setting relate to the other settings in the novel?

4. What does the boy ask the Sailor for in “Coke Bugs”? What is the response?

5. What leads to William Lee shooting Hauser and O’Brien?

6. How is the Old Court House described in “The County Clerk”? Where is it located?

7. Why is Carl Peterson called for a doctor’s appointment in “The Examination”? Who sees him?

8. How does the narrative style and plot evolve in “The Algebra of Need”?

9. How does William describe junkies destroying themselves physically and emotionally in “Have You Seen Pantopon Rose?”

10. What is the point of the absurdity in “Islam Incorporated and the Parties of Interzone”?

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