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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who wrote "We needed . . . to be violently stirred into life . . . intolerable social constraints grew daily upon us"?
(a) Leslie Fiedler.
(b) Greil Marcus.
(c) Sly Stone.
(d) Frank Kermode.

2. According to Marcus in "Elvis," what was the public unsure about when Elvis' music first came out?
(a) If he was country or rock 'n' roll.
(b) What the music was about.
(c) If he was black or white.
(d) How to listen to him.

3. Who does Marcus quote to introduce the chapter "Randy Newman"?
(a) Raymond Chandler.
(b) Randy Newman.
(c) Robert Johnson.
(d) Sly Stone.

4. Why does Marcus discuss many movies in "Sly Stone"?
(a) They all include the Staggerlee myth.
(b) They are biographies for Sly Stone.
(c) Sly Stone made the soundtracks for them.
(d) They are about black people.

5. What song by Randy Newman was a satire on bigotry?
(a) "Suzanne."
(b) "God's Song."
(c) "Short People."
(d) "Davy the Fat Boy."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who claims that "every great artist must create for a great audience"?

2. According to Marcus in "Randy Newman," whose song was Randy Newman answering in his version of "Suzanne"?

3. Who wrote "There's a mickie in the tastin' of disaster" (90)?

4. At the time Riot was made, who was making the decisions about what kind of records would be created?

5. Who wrote "obviously, it is easier to kill than to create" (95)?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of risk does Randy Newman make in his music? What risk does he avoid?

2. According to Marcus in "Elvis," in what ways can Elvis be considered a myth?

3. Compare and contrast Sly and Staggerlee as presented in "Sly Stone: The Myth of Staggerlee in the sections: Introduction and "Sly Stone." How are they similar? How are they different?

4. In "Randy Newman," does Randy Newman care if he is popular or not?

5. In "Elvis," Marcus discusses the Pink Cadillac as being the downfall of Elvis. What does the Pink Cadillac symbolize and how is it Elvis' downfall?

6. Describe Randy Newman's style; what does he sound like? What influences are in the music?

7. According to Marcus in "Elvis," what are Elvis Presley's roots?

8. According to Marcus in "Sly Stone," how does the music produced by Sly and the Family Stone resemble freedom?

9. According to Marcus in the section "Sly Versus Superfly," why does Riot matter?

10. What does Marcus mean when he wrote: "Instead of breaking the bartender's glass Stack found himself aiming at the mirror behind the bar, and thus discovered that the target was himself" (78)?

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