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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Marcus believe it is important to study the stories of some performers even if the book does not encompass everything?
(a) It is a glimpse of the future.
(b) The truth needs to be told.
(c) The story matters.
(d) It is fun.

2. According to Marcus in "The Band," what message did The Band originally try to get across?
(a) Beauty can come from terror.
(b) America is a disappointment.
(c) You cannot win when everything is against you.
(d) America has possibilities no one has seen yet.

3. Who wrote Why Are We in Vietnam?
(a) Erich Segal.
(b) Lyndon Johnson.
(c) Norman Mailer.
(d) Harmonica Frank.

4. According to the critics Marcus references in "The Band," who was Robbie Robertson's "foil"?
(a) The audience.
(b) Robert Manuel.
(c) The Band.
(d) The manager.

5. What song does Marcus claim is Robert Johnson's most terrifying song?
(a) "Me and the Devil Blues."
(b) "Come on in My Kitchen."
(c) "Walking Blues."
(d) "Stones in My Passway."

Short Answer Questions

1. "Me and the Devil Blues" uses imagery that provokes what emotion?

2. What author does Marcus quote in the beginning of "Robert Johnson -1938" to illustrate the promise of American life?

3. In "The Band," what does Marcus say the Band felt was a mistake?

4. What does Marcus say failure mean to Americans in "Robert Johnson -1938"?

5. What does Marcus say each performer he will discuss in the book attempts to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Marcus in "The Band," why is the story of Virgil Cane in "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" appealing to all Americans?

2. According to Marcus in "Robert Johnson -1938," how are Robert Johnson's songs relevant even today? What artist's keep his spirit and music alive?

3. In the section entitled "The Weight" in "The Band," what does Dominique Robertson have to say about living in Woodstock? What does this say about community?

4. In "The Band," why do the other members of the Band become known as Robbie Robertson's foil?

5. Describe the example of an artist that Greil Marcus uses in the prologue. Who is an artist and why? Why are the other people in the example not artists?

6. What type of music was Sam Phillips attempting to find and why?

7. In "The Band," what happens when the Band plays in San Francisco after releasing their first two albums?

8. According to Marcus in the introduction to "The Band," what message did The Band send to its audience?

9. In "The Band," what is significant about a group according to Marcus in "Crossing the Border"?

10. What is the relationship between the rock 'n' roll artist and audience according to Greil Marcus in the prologue?

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