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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Marcus in "Elvis," what was the public unsure about when Elvis' music first came out?
(a) How to listen to him.
(b) If he was country or rock 'n' roll.
(c) If he was black or white.
(d) What the music was about.

2. In the introduction to "Elvis," Marcus claims that Elvis epitomizes what?
(a) The chaos of Harmonica Frank.
(b) The worst of our culture.
(c) The best of our culture.
(d) The anger of Robert Johnson.

3. Who wrote "There's a mickie in the tastin' of disaster" (90)?
(a) Frank Kermode.
(b) Leslie Fiedler.
(c) Greil Marcus.
(d) Sly Stone.

4. Whom did Bob Dylan claim was "America's greatest poet"?
(a) Bob Dylan.
(b) Smokey Robinson.
(c) Sly Stone.
(d) Randy Newman.

5. What type of audience does Marcus believe Randy Newman attracts?
(a) Pop.
(b) Cult.
(c) Punk.
(d) Retro.

6. Who said "if I couldn't perform I'd give up . . . It's not a question of the money side of it. . . not having that ninety minutes up there anymore. Phew. I don't like to think about it"?
(a) Van Morrison.
(b) Randy Newman.
(c) John Lennon.
(d) Rod Stewart.

7. What single did Sly release that was the "most optimistic of all"?
(a) "Riot."
(b) "Everybody is a Star."
(c) "Stand!"
(d) "Dance to the Music."

8. The Riot album reveals what image that Sly had for himself?
(a) Success.
(b) Failure.
(c) Artist.
(d) Cop out.

9. What literary figure does Marcus allude to in "Sly Stone" when identifying how Sly speaks in the music?
(a) Frodo.
(b) Ahab.
(c) Starbuck.
(d) Golem.

10. What did Sly Stone call his band?
(a) The Family.
(b) The Stones.
(c) Sly's Guys.
(d) The Band.

11. What literary term does Marcus identify with the line "When he died, all he left us was alone"?
(a) Theme.
(b) Enigma.
(c) Epitaph.
(d) Moral.

12. According to Marcus, who is the focus in the song "Sail Away"?
(a) The slaves.
(b) The listener.
(c) The Africans.
(d) The confidence man.

13. What did some bullies call Elvis before he was a star and had grown side burns?
(a) Squirrel.
(b) Loser.
(c) Dog.
(d) Hippie.

14. Who said "when I was a boy . . . I was the hero in comic books and movies. I grew up believing in a dream"?
(a) Elvis Presley.
(b) Johnny Cash.
(c) Hank Williams.
(d) Greil Marcus.

15. According to Marcus in "Randy Newman," what is the number one democratic desire?
(a) Home.
(b) Revenge and redemption.
(c) Family and love.
(d) Wealth and fame.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was on the cover of Riot?

2. According to the myth, who did Staggerlee shoot?

3. What does Sly shout back at the band in "Africa Talks to You 'the Asphalt Jungle'"?

4. Who wrote "Papa Was a Rolling Stone?'

5. Who wrote "Hound Dog"?

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