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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who wrote: "You run without moving from a terror in which you cannot believe"?
(a) Greil Marcus.
(b) Robert Johnson.
(c) William Faulkner.
(d) F. Scott Fitzgerald.

2. How did Robert Johnson die?
(a) Old age.
(b) Murdered.
(c) Drug overdose.
(d) Suicide.

3. Whom does Marcus claim puts the pieces together to find meaning in the music?
(a) Artists.
(b) Rock 'n' rollers.
(c) The audience.
(d) The critic.

4. In "Harmonica Frank -1951," who is the "latest Ahab"?
(a) Harmonica Frank.
(b) Bob Dylan.
(c) Lyndon B. Johnson.
(d) Huck Finn.

5. In "Harmonica Frank -1951," what does Marcus tell was his first Elvis record?
(a) "Rockin' Chair Daddy."
(b) "Hound Dog."
(c) "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care."
(d) "Rip It Up."

6. Who sang "Fool about mah money/don't try to save"?
(a) Little Richard.
(b) Elvis Presley.
(c) Sam Phillips.
(d) Harmonica Frank.

7. "Me and the Devil Blues" uses imagery that provokes what emotion?
(a) Lust.
(b) Hubris.
(c) Desolation.
(d) Love.

8. According to Marcus in "Robert Johnson -1938," what is the American struggle?
(a) To be the best and not hurt others.
(b) To be an artist and not lose oneself.
(c) To get rich quick.
(d) To free oneself from constraints and learn the value of those limits.

9. Who wrote the book discussed in the Prologue?
(a) Nicholas Sparks.
(b) Erich Segal.
(c) John Steinbeck.
(d) Irwin Shaw.

10. In the Prologue, Marcus says that the music he will discuss dramatizes what?
(a) What it means to be American.
(b) The war.
(c) The racial tensions of the time.
(d) Life in the projects.

11. With whom is Carmen walking in the song "To Kingdom Come"?
(a) The worried man.
(b) Robert Johnson.
(c) Robbie Robertson.
(d) The devil.

12. What does Marcus think the performers discussed in the Prologue have in common?
(a) Each based his songs on personal experience.
(b) They see themselves as symbolic Americans.
(c) Everyone toured together.
(d) They all were ex-patriots.

13. In "Harmonica Frank -1951," what song does Marcus say "set the stage for rock 'n' roll"?
(a) "Rockin' Chair Daddy."
(b) "Howling Tomcat."
(c) "Up on Cripple Creek."
(d) "Mixed-Up Confusion."

14. According to Marcus, what do popular artists do for people?
(a) Take away fear and pain.
(b) Speak for them.
(c) Create a community.
(d) Isolate them from people who dislike their music.

15. What album does Marcus say belongs to Richard Manuel in "The Band?
(a) Dixie.
(b) Moondog Matinee.
(c) The Weight.
(d) Share Your Love.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Band," what does Marcus point to as the reason that The Band had the influences of many different bands and yet had an original sound?

2. What is added in the middle of the chapter "Harmonica Frank -1951," set off with a note from the author?

3. In the section "Even Stranger Blues," to what does Marcus compare Robbie's guitar sound?

4. What does Marcus claim in "The Band" is not community?

5. In "The Band," what problem does Marcus reveal about The Band's sense of community?

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