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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Larry Donovan's manner change when he is with women?
(a) He speaks highly of his wife and child.
(b) He complains about his life choices.
(c) He is cool and distant.
(d) He is flirtatious and overly friendly.

2. Why does Jim say Gaston Cleric "narrowly missed being a great poet?"
(a) He is a talented writer.
(b) He is well versed in Greek.
(c) He knows all of the classic works of literature.
(d) He speaks poetically when excited.

3. What character in "Camille" does Jim consider most sympathetic?
(a) Virgil
(b) Marguerite
(c) Camille
(d) Armand

4. Who does Tiny convince to move to San Francisco with her?
(a) Antonia
(b) Yulka
(c) Lena
(d) Jim

5. What is occurring on the farms when Jim goes to visit Widow Steavens?
(a) The threshing of the wheat fields
(b) The harvest of the wheat fields
(c) The planting of the wheat fields
(d) The baling of hay

Short Answer Questions

1. What play entrances and enthralls Jim?

2. What is the basis of the plot in the play "Camille?"

3. How does Jim characterize the woman who plays the character, Marguerite?

4. Who does JIm befriend while staying in Lincoln?

5. What does Jim find as an unusual trait in Cuzak?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jim tell the group of girls to convince them that Spaniards settled in Nebraska?

2. How does Jim react to Antonia when he comes to visit her after many years?

3. How does the Polish violin teacher attempt to determine Jim's intentions with Lena? How does he react to Jim's response?

4. Describe Antonia's preparations for marriage.

5. Summarize the story of Antonia and Larry Donovan's failed attempt at marriage (as told by Widow Steavens).

6. What part of Camille most affects Jim?

7. Why does Jim believe he will never be a brilliant scholar?

8. How do Mr. and Mrs. Cutter respond to the incident in the Cutters' home between Jim and Wick?

9. How does the novel come full circle at the end?

10. Describe Jim and Antonia's relationship after 20 years have passed

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