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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Shimerdas give the Burdens in exchange for the goods they bring during the winter?
(a) Money
(b) A promise of repayment
(c) Dried mushrooms
(d) Nothing

2. Which of the Harling children is Antonia's favorite?
(a) Nina
(b) Charley
(c) Sally
(d) Frances

3. Where does Antonia consider going to work when the Harlings forbid her to attend the dances?
(a) For the Burdens
(b) In a neighboring town
(c) For Wick Cutter
(d) On her family's farm

4. Why does Mrs. Harling disapprove of Tiny Soderball?
(a) She believes working at a hotel is inappropriate for a woman.
(b) She does not approve of working women.
(c) She has a reputation for being flirtatious.
(d) She does not like country girls.

5. What does Jim's grandfather bring home for him after visiting the Shimerdas on Christmas?
(a) A horse
(b) A gift from Antonia
(c) A Christmas tree
(d) A ring

Short Answer Questions

1. What act does Jim perform that makes him a hero in Antonia's eyes?

2. Who does Jim often run into when he is in downtown Black Hawk?

3. Antonia confides to Jim that her father is _______________

4. What does Otto do annually on Christmas day?

5. What impact do the dances in Black Hawk have on the townspeople?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare and contrast the town and city girls (from Jim's point of view).

2. Describe Jim and Antonia's relationship after 20 years have passed

3. How is Jim like the Shimerdas as they both travel to Nebraska?

4. How does Jim react to Antonia when he comes to visit her after many years?

5. Summarize the story Rudolph tells about the Cutters.

6. Describe the changes in Tiny Soderball's life from the point that Jim last saw her to present

7. What is symbolic about Jim and Antonia talking at Mr. Shimerda's grave site?

8. Does Antonia attend school? Why or why not?

9. How does Jim mark his transition to manhood in this chapter?

10. Describe Jim's first impressions of the Nebraska landscape. Why do you think he responds in this way?

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