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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose visit to Black Hawk breaks up the monotony of the winter for Jim?
(a) Blind d'Arnault's
(b) Antonia's
(c) A friend from Virginia's
(d) Yulka's

2. Where does Jim believe Mr. Shimerda's spirit goes after he dies?
(a) To Heaven
(b) Back to Germany
(c) To live above the Burdens' home
(d) Into Purgatory

3. Why does Mrs. Harling disapprove of Tiny Soderball?
(a) She does not approve of working women.
(b) She has a reputation for being flirtatious.
(c) She does not like country girls.
(d) She believes working at a hotel is inappropriate for a woman.

4. How did Blind d'Arnault's mother react to his blindness?
(a) She was supportive of him.
(b) She helped him function as if he was sighted.
(c) She was angry.
(d) She was ashamed.

5. What do the Shimerdas give the Burdens in exchange for the goods they bring during the winter?
(a) Dried mushrooms
(b) A promise of repayment
(c) Money
(d) Nothing

6. Why does Anton Jelinek believe the Shimerdas are not concerned about having a priest perform Mr. Shimerda's funeral?
(a) They believe he is already in Heaven.
(b) They are not religious.
(c) They are not Catholics.
(d) His suicide is an unforgivable sin.

7. How does Antonia show her affection for Charley?
(a) By playing with him more than Nina
(b) By making him his favorite treats
(c) By kissing and tickling him
(d) By teaching him to read

8. Who teaches Yulka to read English?
(a) Grandmother Burden
(b) Jim
(c) Antonia
(d) Ambrosch

9. Which of the following is not a topic of complaint by Mrs. Shimerda in Chapter 17?
(a) Accusations against Ambrosch
(b) The cow Grandfather Burden sold her.
(c) A broken ax.
(d) Mr. Shimerda's death

10. Which of the following is not a regular occurrence in the evenings at the Harling house?
(a) Antonia tells stories of Bohemia.
(b) Antonia bakes treats for the family and visitors.
(c) The family gathers in the parlor.
(d) The family gathers in the kitchen.

11. Who does Jim's grandmother hire to help her work in the house during July?
(a) Antonia
(b) Yulka
(c) Mrs. Shimerda
(d) Jim

12. To whom are Pavel and Peter indebted?
(a) Krajiek
(b) The Shimerdas
(c) Wick Cutter
(d) The Burdens

13. What about Antonia does Jim criticize as he dines with her family in Chapter 17?
(a) Her manners
(b) Her sense of humor
(c) Her attitude
(d) Her ability to speak English

14. What misfortune falls upon Pavel in Chapter 8?
(a) He has nightmares.
(b) He is robbed.
(c) Peter moves to another farm.
(d) He is injured on the job.

15. Why does Jim think Antonia acts superior to him?
(a) She is from a different culture than he is.
(b) She believes females are superior to males.
(c) She believes she is smarter than he is.
(d) She is older than he is.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Ambrosch delighted when he hears Jake sold a pig in town?

2. Who does Jim credit with planting sunflowers in Nebraska?

3. Which of the Harling children is Antonia's favorite?

4. To whom does Pavel confess his unpleasant past in Russia?

5. Where does Antonia consider going to work when the Harlings forbid her to attend the dances?

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