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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Shimerda ask Jim's grandmother to do?
(a) Teach all of his children to speak and read English
(b) Agree to allow Antonia to marry Jim
(c) Help his wife set up their home
(d) Teach Antonia to speak and read English

2. Why do the Shimerdas remain involved with Krajiek?
(a) They trust him.
(b) They come from the same country.
(c) They rely on him to teach them about the US.
(d) They look up to him.

3. How does Antonia show her affection for Charley?
(a) By teaching him to read
(b) By making him his favorite treats
(c) By playing with him more than Nina
(d) By kissing and tickling him

4. Who does Jim's grandmother hire to help her work in the house during July?
(a) Mrs. Shimerda
(b) Antonia
(c) Yulka
(d) Jim

5. What does Antonia tell Jim about her father when she and her mother come to visit the Burdens after the winter thaw?
(a) Her father does not love her mother.
(b) Her father plans to kill himself.
(c) Her father is not doing well.
(d) Her father used to be a violinist.

6. Why does Lena Lingard's presence at the Harlings' home make Antonia uncomfortable?
(a) Lena has a reputation for being sexually promiscuous.
(b) Lena has a reputation for being a vixen.
(c) Lena is much more beautiful than Antonia is.
(d) Antonia wants to have no ties to her former country.

7. Why is Ambrosch delighted when he hears Jake sold a pig in town?
(a) He thinks Jake will share the proceeds of the sale with him.
(b) He knows Jake has enough money to buy a new horse collar.
(c) He believes Jake had to sell the pig to pay his fine.
(d) He asked Jake to sell the pig for him.

8. Where does Jim believe Mr. Shimerda's spirit goes after he dies?
(a) To live above the Burdens' home
(b) Back to Germany
(c) To Heaven
(d) Into Purgatory

9. Which of the following is not a quality that Jim believes the town girls possess?
(a) Beauty
(b) Physical strength
(c) Refinement
(d) Isolation

10. Why do Antonia and Jim travel to Russian Peter's in Chapter 7?
(a) To deliver a spade
(b) To visit with he and Pavel.
(c) To show the Shimerda children the prairie dog houses.
(d) To borrow a spade

11. Where in Black Hawk is Antonia hired to work?
(a) At the school
(b) The Harlings' home
(c) The Burdens' home
(d) The Boy's Home Hotel

12. What is Blind d'Arnault's talent?
(a) Singing
(b) Playing the saxophone
(c) Dancing
(d) Playing the piano

13. What does Jim's grandmother warn him to watch for when he is in her garden?
(a) Moles
(b) Rattlesnakes
(c) Poisonous plants
(d) Bees

14. Whose visit to Black Hawk breaks up the monotony of the winter for Jim?
(a) Yulka's
(b) A friend from Virginia's
(c) Blind d'Arnault's
(d) Antonia's

15. To whom are Pavel and Peter indebted?
(a) Wick Cutter
(b) The Burdens
(c) Krajiek
(d) The Shimerdas

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Mr. Shimerda's body buried?

2. What about Antonia does Jim criticize as he dines with her family in Chapter 17?

3. Which of the Shimerda children is considered most important by his parents?

4. How do the Shimerdas react to their difficult living conditions?

5. How does Antonia differ from her brother Ambrosch?

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