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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Antonia differ from her brother Ambrosch?
(a) Ambrosch is much harder working than Antonia.
(b) Ambrosch is mean but Antonia is kind.
(c) Antonia is mean but Ambrosch is kind.
(d) Ambrosch is much more social than Anotnia is.

2. Who accompanies Jim on his train trip to Nebraska in Chapter 1?
(a) Otto Fuchs
(b) Jake Marpole
(c) His grandfather
(d) Antonia

3. Why does Jake have to pay a fine?
(a) Because he was involved in a bar fight
(b) Because he punched Ambrosch
(c) Because he failed to pay taxes
(d) Because he broke a traffic law

4. Where does Antonia consider going to work when the Harlings forbid her to attend the dances?
(a) For the Burdens
(b) For Wick Cutter
(c) In a neighboring town
(d) On her family's farm

5. Antonia confides to Jim that her father is _______________
(a) mentally ill.
(b) dangerous and unpredictable.
(c) deeply sad.
(d) cruel and unforgiving.

6. Who does Jim often run into when he is in downtown Black Hawk?
(a) Antonia
(b) Mr. Harling
(c) Tiny
(d) Lena

7. How long has Jim been living with his grandparents at the start of Book 2?
(a) 13 years
(b) 3 years
(c) 1 year
(d) 2 years

8. Where is Mr. Shimerda's body buried?
(a) On the Burdens' farm
(b) At the corner of the family's lot of land
(c) In a cemetery
(d) In Bohemia

9. What impact do the dances in Black Hawk have on the townspeople?
(a) The community is ambivalent about the dances.
(b) The community protests the dances.
(c) The dance tent becomes the social center of town.
(d) The dance tent encourages immoral behavior.

10. What becomes of Peter when Pavel passes away?
(a) He moves in with the Shimerdas.
(b) He returns to Russia.
(c) He goes to work for the railroad.
(d) He also dies.

11. Who helps Ambrosch and Marek treat the horse with colic?
(a) Jim
(b) Krajiek
(c) Otto Fuchs
(d) Jim's grandfather

12. Who entertains Jim when he is forced to stay indoors because of illness?
(a) Otto Fuchs
(b) Antonia
(c) Yulka
(d) Grandfather Burden

13. Which of the Shimerdas did not want to immigrate to the United States?
(a) Mrs. Shimerda
(b) Antonia
(c) Mr. Shimerda
(d) Ambrosch

14. Where in Black Hawk is Antonia hired to work?
(a) The Harlings' home
(b) The Boy's Home Hotel
(c) The Burdens' home
(d) At the school

15. Why does Jim think Antonia acts superior to him?
(a) She is from a different culture than he is.
(b) She is older than he is.
(c) She believes she is smarter than he is.
(d) She believes females are superior to males.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Ambrosch delighted when he hears Jake sold a pig in town?

2. Who does Jim's grandfather believe killed Mr. Shimerda?

3. Who is suspected of killing Mr. Shimerda?

4. Who sold the Shimerda family their home?

5. What does Antonia offer Jim when she meets him?

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