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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not a regular occurrence in the evenings at the Harling house?
(a) The family gathers in the parlor.
(b) Antonia bakes treats for the family and visitors.
(c) Antonia tells stories of Bohemia.
(d) The family gathers in the kitchen.

2. Which of the Shimerda children is considered most important by his parents?
(a) Marek
(b) Antonia
(c) Yulka
(d) Ambrosch

3. What does Antonia tell Jim about her father when she and her mother come to visit the Burdens after the winter thaw?
(a) Her father used to be a violinist.
(b) Her father plans to kill himself.
(c) Her father is not doing well.
(d) Her father does not love her mother.

4. Where does Jim believe Mr. Shimerda's spirit goes after he dies?
(a) To live above the Burdens' home
(b) Into Purgatory
(c) Back to Germany
(d) To Heaven

5. What rumor about Pavel circulates in the community?
(a) He is an illegal immigrant.
(b) He left his wife to come to the United States.
(c) He is a fugitive from the law.
(d) He is an anarchist.

6. Who sold the Shimerda family their home?
(a) Otto Fuchs
(b) The Burdens
(c) Jim's grandparents
(d) Krajiek

7. What event occurs that causes Mr. Harling to tell Antonia she cannot attend the dances?
(a) A boy tries to kiss Antonia so she slaps him.
(b) Antonia brings a boy to the Harlings after a dance.
(c) Antonia becomes pregnant.
(d) People in town begin to speak negatively about Antonia.

8. To whom does Pavel confess his unpleasant past in Russia?
(a) Jim
(b) Mr. Shimerda
(c) Otto Fuchs
(d) Pavel

9. Where does Jim live as an adult?
(a) Iowa
(b) New York
(c) Nebraska
(d) Bohemia

10. What act does Jim perform that makes him a hero in Antonia's eyes?
(a) He teaches her to read.
(b) He kills a rattlesnake.
(c) He rescues her brother.
(d) He catches a prairie dog.

11. How many days pass before Mr. Shimerda's body is buried?
(a) 10
(b) 3
(c) 5
(d) 4

12. Antonia confides to Jim that her father is _______________
(a) dangerous and unpredictable.
(b) cruel and unforgiving.
(c) deeply sad.
(d) mentally ill.

13. What first strikes Jim about the location of his grandparents' home?
(a) There are many immigrants living in the area.
(b) The farm is extremely quiet.
(c) There is land as far as the eye can see.
(d) There are few trees in the area.

14. Why does Anton Jelinek believe the Shimerdas are not concerned about having a priest perform Mr. Shimerda's funeral?
(a) They believe he is already in Heaven.
(b) His suicide is an unforgivable sin.
(c) They are not religious.
(d) They are not Catholics.

15. What is Mrs. Harling's only complaint about Antonia's work?
(a) She does too good of a job.
(b) She stops working to play with the children.
(c) She visits with Jim too often.
(d) She is sometimes late to work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What impact do the dances in Black Hawk have on the townspeople?

2. How has Mr. Harling made his money?

3. How long has Jim been living with his grandparents at the start of Book 2?

4. What does Otto do annually on Christmas day?

5. What does Mr. Shimerda ask Jim's grandmother to do?

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