My Sister's Keeper Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Anna pawn her locket?

Anna needs money. She wants to hire a lawyer. She can't ask her parents for the money.

2. Why does Campbell take Anna's case?

He may like her conviction to bring suit, even if winning means her sister dies. Maybe he likes that she doesn't give up when he tries to throw her out. It could be her request is something not usually done and he wants his chance to improve his career by taking the case.

3. Who are Sara and Brian and what do they do for a living?

Sara and Brian are Anna's parents. Brian is a fire fighter. Sara is a stay at home mom.

4. What's it like when Sara takes Kate to the hospital where she is diagnosed with leukemia for the first time?

Sara takes Kate for a bruise and is surprised when it is something else. She is scared, frantic and calls Brian to come to hospital as well.

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