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Essay Topic 1

According to the book, what is fire? Pick several characters from the book (Jesse, Brian, Anna, Campbell) and describe how this theme runs through their lives. Next, discuss how the theme of fire is used by the author throughout the entire book.

Essay Topic 2

In the story, Anna is conceived for the sole purpose of providing compatible donations to her sister Kate. Based on the information presented in the story, what ethical issues are present in this situation (suggestion from Dr. Chance, Sara's decision to have another baby, Anna's decision to stop being a donor)? In today's society, what ethical issues are similar or different from those presented in the story?

Essay Topic 3

Today, most children file for emancipation for financial or educational reasons. In the story, Anna wants medical emancipation. Describe what medical emancipation means in this story. Now discuss the different views on why...

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