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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first word that Becket speaks on his first entrance?
(a) Stay.
(b) Peace.
(c) Wait.
(d) No.

2. According to the Third Tempter, what does friendship depend upon?
(a) Happiness.
(b) Peace.
(c) Time.
(d) Circumstance.

3. What ruler of England does the Second Priest refer to as "the stubborn King?"
(a) James I.
(b) Edward III.
(c) Henry II.
(d) Richard I.

4. What does Beckett believe to be the last temptation and what he fears the most?
(a) Doing the wrong thing for the right reason.
(b) Doing the thing you cannot do.
(c) Dying.
(d) Doing the right deed for the wrong reason.

5. What is the first idea that Becket relates to his audience and what does he insist that the Chorus "know and do not know?"
(a) Life is suffering and suffering is death.
(b) Suffering is everything and everything is suffering.
(c) Action is suffering and suffering is action.
(d) The world is suffering and they are the world.

6. What are the priests eager to know once the Messenger has delivered his initial message?
(a) If the King has learned of the Archbishop's return from France.
(b) If the King and the Archbishop have made peace.
(c) Where the Archbishop is staying.
(d) How much time they have before the Archbishop arrives.

7. What is not one of the events of the past seven years that the Chorus describes?
(a) The disappearance of several girls.
(b) Brewing beer.
(c) The town burning down.
(d) A good harvest.

8. What does Becket call "the springtime fancy?"
(a) Acrimony.
(b) The impossible, the undesirable .
(c) Ceremony.
(d) Leave-well-alone.

9. Fill in the blank: "I leave you to the pleasure of your __________, Which will have to be paid for at ______________."
(a) higher vices; higher prices.
(b) piety; reckoning.
(c) lies; the end.
(d) life; your strife.

10. What is it that the Second Tempter offers Becket?
(a) A new life.
(b) The English throne.
(c) His former political position.
(d) A new love.

11. What is the first action that the Second Priest wants to take to welcome the Archbishop back to Canterbury?
(a) Have the fires lit in his rooms.
(b) Lead a prayer.
(c) Have a feast.
(d) Throw a celebration in his honor.

12. What metaphor does the Third Priest use to compare the relationship between the King and the Archbishop?
(a) A rock and a hard place.
(b) A hammer and an anvil.
(c) Fire and water.
(d) A wolf and a sheep.

13. Who states that "Power is present. Holiness hereafter?"
(a) The Second Tempter.
(b) Thomas Beckett.
(c) The Second Tempter.
(d) The Fourth Tempter.

14. What does the First Priest compare the women of Canterbury to?
(a) Chickens in a coop.
(b) Frogs in the treetops.
(c) Worms in the belly.
(d) Horses in the stalls.

15. How does the Chorus describe itself?
(a) Lonely folk.
(b) Poor folk.
(c) Representative of all people of Canterbury.
(d) Small folk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What doesn't the Third Priest see in "the art of temporal government?"

2. How does Thomas Beckett's thought end?: "If the Archbishop cannot trust the Throne/ He has good cause to trust none but _____________"

3. How does the chorus define its time in Canterbury since the Archbishop left seven years previous?

4. What does Becket claim is the "substance of our first act?"

5. Finish the thought of the First Tempter: "A man will often love what he ______."

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