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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Interlude.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was the Tempter unsuccessful?
(a) Beckett is not dying for the King.
(b) Beckett is not dying for glory.
(c) Beckett chooses to live.
(d) Beckett is dying for love.

2. Fill in the blank:" in Heaven the Saints are most _______, having made themselves most _______..."
(a) At peace; at war
(b) High; low.
(c) Low; high
(d) Dead; alive.

3. How does the structure of the dialogue change during Becket's first temptation?
(a) The play becomes one monologue.
(b) All of the characters speak in riddles.
(c) The First Tempter speaks in verse.
(d) All of the characters other than Beckett fall silent.

4. To Beckett, what is martyrdom?
(a) It is always the design of God.
(b) It is the result of cruel men.
(c) It is always a request of angels.
(d) An act of chance.

5. How does the Third Tempter describe himself?
(a) A man who is rich in spirit
(b) A surly English peasant
(c) A rough, straightforward Englishman.
(d) A rough and angry follower of the king

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first action that the Second Priest wants to take to welcome the Archbishop back to Canterbury?

2. What is the best way to define the style in which T.S. Eliot wrote the Interlude?

3. Finish the thought of the First Tempter: "A man will often love what he ______."

4. What does the First Tempter tell Becket he remembers?

5. In Part One, where does the action of the play take place?

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