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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the Fourth Tempter claim Beckett can have ultimate glory and power over the King of England?
(a) By becoming a martyr.
(b) By killing the King.
(c) By giving his money to the people.
(d) By becoming the Chancellor again.

2. In what year does Murder in the Cathedral take place?
(a) 1077.
(b) 1070.
(c) 1710.
(d) 1170.

3. What is not one of the ways the Chorus, the priests and the Tempters describe an unexpected death?
(a) Taking a shock to the skull.
(b) Drowning in a ditch.
(c) Slipping on a step.
(d) Attacked by dogs.

4. In Part One, where does the action of the play take place?
(a) The Archbishop's hall.
(b) The Cathedral.
(c) Outside the gates of the Cathedral.
(d) The King's palace.

5. After the first scene featuring the three Priests, the Chorus speaks again. What do they wish the Archbishop to do?
(a) Turn the wheel.
(b) Return to France.
(c) Make peace with the King.
(d) Bless them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What month does the Second Tempter say Beckett will have power?

2. What does the Second Tempter tell Beckett he will be like if he continues on course?

3. Who are the first two characters who speak of "the wheel" on separate occasions?

4. How does Thomas Beckett's thought end?: "If the Archbishop cannot trust the Throne/ He has good cause to trust none but _____________"

5. What is the first word that Becket speaks on his first entrance?

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