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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are the first two characters who speak of "the wheel" on separate occasions?
(a) The First Priest and the First Tempter.
(b) The First Priest and the Second Priest.
(c) The Chorus and Thomas Becket.
(d) The Third Priest and Thomas Becket.

2. "The wheel" is spoken of time and time again. In one instance Becket says that "Only the fool, fixed in his folly, may think he can turn the wheel on which he turns." What is the idea of a wheel supposed to symbolize?
(a) Death.
(b) The Past.
(c) Fate.
(d) Love.

3. What metaphor does the Third Priest use to compare the relationship between the King and the Archbishop?
(a) A rock and a hard place.
(b) Fire and water.
(c) A wolf and a sheep.
(d) A hammer and an anvil.

4. What character(s) opens the play with the first monologue?
(a) The Messenger.
(b) The Chorus.
(c) The Priests.
(d) Thomas Becket.

5. Why is the fourth visitor the most successful Tempter?
(a) He makes peace between Beckett and the King.
(b) He helps Beckett find peace.
(c) He represents the people.
(d) He voices Beckett's own desires.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the priests eager to know once the Messenger has delivered his initial message?

2. Who does Becket say saved him from the wrath of his enemies?

3. How does the structure of the dialogue change during Becket's first temptation?

4. What does Becket claim is the "substance of our first act?"

5. How does the Fourth Tempter claim Beckett can have ultimate glory and power over the King of England?

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