Murder in the Cathedral Fun Activities

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Alternate Ending

Divide into groups and choose characters you would like to represent. Each group should take turns improvising a different ending to Murder in the Cathedral. Think of a different way the Knights, the Priests, the Chorus, Becket, etc. could have changed the outcome of the play and act them out.

Tragedy to Comedy

T.S. Eliot's play is tragic in nature; discuss how to change the setting, plot and characters so that the play becomes a comedy.


Part of Murder in the Cathedral is told in verse. Choose one verse or monologue in the play and rewrite it to be a modern rap song or slam poem. Take turns performing them.

False Idol

Choose a character and use found objects to recreate a symbol of who that character is. What tangible materials symbolize the character for you? (i.e., Would the Tempters be made from...

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