Murder in the Cathedral Character Descriptions

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Thomas Becket - The hero of the play who returns to Canterbury after seven years in exile.

Richard Brito (Fourth Knight) - Asks the question: "Who killed the Archbishop?"

Chorus - Serves as a mediator between the play and the audience. Composed of women of Canterbury, they beg Thomas to return to France.

Sir Hugh de Morville (Second Knight) - Appeals to the audience's reason rather than their emotions when explaining the murder of the Archbishop.

Baron William de Trad (Third Knight) - Claims to be one of "four plain Englishmen" who put their country first; also claims to have nothing to gain from the death of the Archbishop.

The Four Knights - Sent by King Henry to kill Thomas, they threaten Thomas with physical violence, ultimately following through on their threat when they kill him near the end of the play.

The Four Tempters -...

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