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Lesson 1 (from Folk Tales, Chapters 1 through 3)


Folk Tales, Chapters 1 through 3

This book chronicles Hurston's research of black folklore and Hoodoo. Although Hurston grew up in the South, most of her adult years were spent in the North. It was primarily her need to reconnect with her youthful culture that led to this book. Today's objective will focus on the life of the author and what led her to write this book.


1) Class Discussion: This book demonstrates Hurston's passion for folklore and her culture. Do you know anything about the author, Zora Hurston? What from the title do you gather this book will be about? Do you expect Hurston to have a personal connection to these stories? Why or why not?

2) Group Research project: Research, via the internet or at the library, the history of Hurston. Information should include her early childhood, her career moves, her written works, and her death. How...

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