Mules and Men Character Descriptions

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Zora Neal Hurston

This person, who grew up in Eatonville, Florida, is the author of the book.


This is the name used most often in the storytellers' versions of the legends and fables involving slaves.

James Mosley

This person tells the author the story of the black man who dies during the Johnstown flood.


This person tells the story of God handing out color for skin tone.

Joe Wiley

This is the man at the Everglades Cypress Camp who tells the story of the two slaves who sought to outdo each other with their daring toward the master and missus of the plantation.

Larkins White

This man tells the story of killing the turkey, ducks, partridges, and deer with a single shot of a muzzle loader.

Floyd Thomas

This is the person who tells the story of God having changed his mind.

Mark Ford

This person...

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