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Folk Tales, Chapters 1 through 3

• Hurston arrives in Eatonville, Florida, to collect folktales with a focus on black history.

• The locals begin telling Hurston about town legends.

• Hurston attends a toe dance. A toe dance is a gathering where the women are hidden to the toes, and men bid for dances.

• Hurston continues to listen to stories from the local townspeople.

• The stories discuss such topics as being called to preach and how the church grew.

• Two controversial stories are about skin tone and how women outsmart men.

• In Chapter 3, Hurston hears a story about a slave named John who ends up killing his master.

• Hurston also hears a story about two brothers who spend their inheritance in different ways.

• Hurston plans on moving to a new location to hear new stories.

Folk Tales, Chapters 4 through 6

• Hurston arrives at Everglades Cypress Lumber Company. This is where she stays for...

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