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Short Answer Questions

1. On whose side is Joe Clarke in the matter of Jim Weston?

2. What does Joe Clarke realize that he needs to get from the lodge room before he goes to the trial?

3. How do Jim Weston and Dave Carter react to Daisy's return?

4. According to Deacon Simms, why does the town need a jail?

5. Where has Daisy been before her return to town?

Short Essay Questions

1. What request does Mrs. Blunt make concerning the trial? How is her request received by Joe Clarke?

2. Why is Lum Boger unable to testify about the fight between Dave and Jim?

3. What complaint does Walter make about Baptist theology?

4. Compare the greeting that Sisters Thomas and Taylor give Reverend Childers and Joe Lindsay to the greeting that they give Deacon Simms and Joe Clarke.

5. What do the women think about Daisy's mother's reaction to the trial?

6. How does Joe Clarke defend his decision to oversee the trial?

7. Why does Sister Taylor want to testify at the trial even though she was not present at the fight?

8. Describe Elder Simms' attitude toward the people of the town.

9. What does the description of the Baptist church details suggest about the congregation?

10. What does the crowd on the porch suggest to Dave and Jim about Daisy's intentions, and how do the men respond?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Because of the falling out between the authors, "Mule Bone" is actually an unfinished play. Review the play and critique it. What changes would you suggest to improve upon the current version? Look at the notes about name changes as well. What versions of names would you use? How would you change or enhance some scenes? Be sure to refer to specific sections and examples as you discuss the play.

Essay Topic 2

Several characters in "Mule Bone" prove themselves to be hypocritical through their comments and/or their actions. Describe those characters who could be defined as hypocritical and explain how they contribute to the humor of the play.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the authors' treatment of women in the play. What roles do the women play, and what stereotypes do they fall into? How do the characters perpetuate traditional gender roles and stereotypes? Be sure to use evidence from the text to support your point.

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