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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Brother Nixon respond to Sister Lewis' chastisement?
(a) He apologizes and then sits quietly.
(b) He looks at her innocently and pretends that he has done nothing.
(c) He pretends that he cannot hear her.
(d) He mocks her and shakes himself at her.

2. What does Jim Weston pour out of his shoe?
(a) Rocks.
(b) Sand.
(c) Water.
(d) Whiskey.

3. What will Jim Weston do to support himself and Daisy?
(a) He thinks that she should work and support them both.
(b) He hopes to get a job as a yard man.
(c) He plans to play music, but he no longer has anyone to sing and dance with.
(d) He hopes to open his own general store.

4. According to Reverend Childers, why is an ass bone close to a mule bone?
(a) Both are single-hoofed animals, so they must be in the same family.
(b) An ass is a mule's father, so the mule is related to the ass.
(c) The skeletons of the animals are basically the same.
(d) They both have large ears, so they must be similar.

5. What accusation do the Methodists hurl at Dave Carter when he enters the church?
(a) They believe that he is faking his injury, trying to look hurt.
(b) They believe that he has stolen Joe Clarke's chickens.
(c) They believe that he started the fight and deserved what he got.
(d) They belive that he just wants to cause trouble in town.

6. What does Jim Weston say that makes Daisy finally choose him over Dave Carter?
(a) He says he would give up his best friend for her.
(b) He says he would buy her a train.
(c) He says he truly loves her.
(d) He says that he would jump off of an airplane just to walk with her.

7. Who defends herself by saying that everyone's house has some bedbugs and lice?
(a) Sister Taylor.
(b) Sister Hambo.
(c) Sister Thomas.
(d) Sister Lewis.

8. What does Reverend Childers present as evidence against Jim Weston in the trial?
(a) He presents the biblical story of Sampson and the Philistines.
(b) He uses the testimony of witnesses to prove that the beating was violent.
(c) He uses Jim Weston's own confession against him.
(d) He cites the rumor that Jim Weston has been stealing chickens.

9. What reason is given to support the idea of the Methodist minister leading the prayer?
(a) The Methodist minister has more formal education.
(b) The Methodists say better prayers than the Baptists.
(c) The Baptists started the trouble, so they have no business leading a prayer.
(d) Dave Carter is a Methodist, so his preacher should say the prayer.

10. Jim Weston accuses Daisy of hurrying back to town to do what?
(a) He believes that she has finally chosen him over Dave Carter.
(b) To meet up with Dave Carter.
(c) To get away from him.
(d) He believes that she is trying to reach home before dark.

11. Why does Jim Weston pull Daisy down to sit on the tracks with him?
(a) He is trying to comfort her.
(b) He wants to talk to her.
(c) He just wants her to sit with him.
(d) He wants to kiss her.

12. How does Lum Boger respond to the women's reactions when he comes back to quiet them?
(a) He gets angry and begins to yell at them.
(b) He grumbles under his breath and kicks their chairs.
(c) He meekly returns to his seat next to Jim Weston.
(d) He stands next to them and glares at them.

13. How does Jim Weston react when a person from the mob throws something at him?
(a) He runs away and hides on the other side of the tracks.
(b) He runs into the crowd looking for the person who threw the object.
(c) He shakes his head sadly and walks away.
(d) He picks up a brick and hurls it back at the mob.

14. How does Joe Clarke respond to Mrs. Nixon's accusation that he mistreats his wife and sells rancid bacon?
(a) He says she will not be allowed to buy anything else from the store until she pays back the money she owes.
(b) He bangs his gavel and calls for order.
(c) He says everyone knows that she lies, so he is not concerned.
(d) He says she smells like a nest of yellow hammers.

15. What is Dave Carter wearing when he enters the church?
(a) A bandage on his head.
(b) A neck brace.
(c) A cast on his arm.
(d) A large black hat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is missing when Joe Clarke tries to begin the trial?

2. Where does Dave Carter suggest that Jim Weston should go at the end of Act 3?

3. How do the Baptists respond to Jim Weston entering the church?

4. What does Daisy do after Jim Weston decides that he would rather have his freedom than marry her?

5. What is the setting of Act 3?

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