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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Dave Carter suggest that Jim Weston should go at the end of Act 3?
(a) Follow the train tracks into Georgia.
(b) Back to town.
(c) To Maitland.
(d) Follow Daisy.

2. On the charge of assault and battery, how does Jim Weston plead?
(a) He says he is sorry that he did it, but he is not guilty.
(b) He says he did it and would do it again, but he's not guilty.
(c) He says he did not do it and is not guilty.
(d) He says he is sorry and pleads guilty.

3. What does everyone believe has happened when the church bell begins to toll?
(a) Everyone believes that Jim Weston has been convicted and sentenced.
(b) Everyone thinks that Dave Carter has died from his injuries.
(c) Everyone believes that the trial is about to begin.
(d) Everone believes that Jim Weston has been cleared of the charges.

4. What does Daisy do after Jim Weston decides that he would rather have his freedom than marry her?
(a) She cries and begs him to change his mind.
(b) She nods her head in agreement.
(c) She turns to Dave Carter and offers him the same opportunity.
(d) She turns her nose up into the air and walks away.

5. How does Sister Taylor defend herself when Joe Lindsay chastises her for arguing in church?
(a) She says she is not the only one who is talking.
(b) She says he has no right to tell her what to do.
(c) She criticizes him for not feeding his horse.
(d) She criticizes him for beating his wife.

6. How do Jim Weston and Dave Carter express their love for Daisy?
(a) They arm wrestle for her.
(b) They try to outdo each other with extremes of what they would do for her.
(c) They both sing songs that they have written for her.
(d) They recite poetry that they have dedicated to her.

7. Why is Daisy in a hurry when Jim Weston runs into her?
(a) She only has a few free minutes and has to hurry back to work.
(b) She knows that her mother will be upset if she comes home late again.
(c) She has just left work and is coming to see how the trial turned out.
(d) She is being pursued by a strange man.

8. What does Jim Weston take with him as he leaves town?
(a) His guitar and jacket.
(b) His guitar and a picture of him and Dave Carter.
(c) A small suitcase and his guitar.
(d) His guitar and a handkerchief that Daisy made for him.

9. How does Daisy respond to Jim's anger over her visit with Dave Carter?
(a) She turns on her heel and walks away.
(b) She apologizes and begs for his forgiveness.
(c) She begins to cry and says she was just being nice.
(d) She gets angry and yells at him.

10. According to the characters at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2, how are Reverend Childers and Deacon Simms different?
(a) Deacon Simms is unmarried.
(b) Reverend Childers does not believe in baptism.
(c) Deacon Simms has more formal education.
(d) Reverend Childers has been to college.

11. According to Jim Weston, how much does he love Daisy?
(a) As much as God loves his best angel, Gabriel.
(b) So much that he would eat a live scorpion for her.
(c) So much that he is about to explode.
(d) As much as a mother bear loves her cub.

12. What evidence does Sister Taylor provide to prove that her husband is good to her?
(a) He brings home plenty of money.
(b) He brings her flowers for no reason.
(c) He listens to her when she has a problem.
(d) He is a good father to their children.

13. What does Dave Carter say he got enough of on Saturday night (the night of the fight)?
(a) He says he got enough of fighting.
(b) He says he got enough of Jim Weston.
(c) He says he got enough of Daisy.
(d) He says that he got enough of singing and dancing.

14. What does Sister Taylor suggest that Sister Lewis should do for her daughter?
(a) She should get her some new clothes so she does not have to wear sack cloth.
(b) She should teach her how to properly wash herself.
(c) She should get her buck teeth fixed.
(d) She should get the sheriff to make one of her many boyfriends marry her.

15. What reason is given to support the idea of the Methodist minister leading the prayer?
(a) The Baptists started the trouble, so they have no business leading a prayer.
(b) Dave Carter is a Methodist, so his preacher should say the prayer.
(c) The Methodists say better prayers than the Baptists.
(d) The Methodist minister has more formal education.

Short Answer Questions

1. To prove his love for Daisy, how much time would Jim Weston do on a chain gang?

2. What are Jim Weston and Dave Carter doing as the curtain falls?

3. What Bible does Reverend Childers end up using?

4. How do the Baptists respond to Jim Weston entering the church?

5. Jim Weston accuses Daisy of hurrying back to town to do what?

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