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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What argument does Deacon Simms use to defend Jim Weston?
(a) He says that according to white law and the Bible, a mule bone is not a weapon.
(b) He says that it was an innocent disagreement between friends, but not a crime.
(c) He says that Jim was simply defending himself from Dave's angry tirade.
(d) He says that Jim was full of rage and did not realize what he was doing.

2. Deacon Simms accuses Dave Carter of what?
(a) Of living an unclean life.
(b) Of feeling jealous of Jim Weston.
(c) Of stealing Daisy away from Jim Weston.
(d) Of lying to Jim Weston about his injuries.

3. How does Jim Weston respond to the Baptists' actions when he enters the church?
(a) He jumps over a church bench and punches one of them.
(b) He tries to run out of the church and escape.
(c) He hangs his head and refuses to make eye contact with anyone.
(d) He threatens them with physical harm if they bother him.

4. Where does Daisy suggest she and Jim Weston live after they get married?
(a) In Maitland, at her employer's farm.
(b) In another state.
(c) In town, with her mother.
(d) It does not matter.

5. Why does Joe Clarke get frustrated with Lum Boger?
(a) He blames him for forgetting the gavel.
(b) He is sitting with the defendant.
(c) He has not quited the crowd.
(d) He has not shown up for the trial yet.

6. Why does Dave Carter insist that no one in town has any right to determine Jim Weston's punishment?
(a) Jim Weston hit Dave Carter, so no one else but Dave should have anything to say about it.
(b) None of the people in town know anything about the law anyway.
(c) Jim Weston has been tried once; they cannot try him again.
(d) No one in town has any legal power.

7. What does Jim Weston say that makes Daisy finally choose him over Dave Carter?
(a) He says that he would jump off of an airplane just to walk with her.
(b) He says he would give up his best friend for her.
(c) He says he would buy her a train.
(d) He says he truly loves her.

8. How does Daisy respond to Jim's anger over her visit with Dave Carter?
(a) She apologizes and begs for his forgiveness.
(b) She gets angry and yells at him.
(c) She begins to cry and says she was just being nice.
(d) She turns on her heel and walks away.

9. According to Lige Mosely, why should a Baptist be afraid to go swimming?
(a) They do not like to bathe, and swimming is a lot like bathing.
(b) Their heads are harder than rocks, so they would drown.
(c) Baptists do not know how to swim.
(d) Baptists only go into the water for baptism.

10. What clue in their verbal competition for Daisy suggests that Dave Carter and Jim Weston have put aside their differences?
(a) They both laugh when Dave Carter says he would do life in prison for Daisy.
(b) They put their arms around each other as they continue to banter.
(c) Nothing; they continue to battle for Daisy's love.
(d) They talk about plans to continue playing their music.

11. Why is Daisy in a hurry when Jim Weston runs into her?
(a) She is being pursued by a strange man.
(b) She only has a few free minutes and has to hurry back to work.
(c) She has just left work and is coming to see how the trial turned out.
(d) She knows that her mother will be upset if she comes home late again.

12. How is Jim Weston escorted out of town?
(a) Joe Clarke marches him out of town with a crowd of angry people behind him.
(b) The Baptists are trying to throw him out of town, and the Methodists are trying to pull him back in.
(c) The Methodists are trying to throw him out of town, and the Baptists are trying to pull him back in.
(d) Lum Boger quietly walks him to edge of town and wishes him good luck.

13. Why does Deacon Simms refuse to allow Reverend Childers to use his Bible?
(a) Deacon Simms' children gave the Bible to him, so it's special.
(b) He is afraid that Reverend Childers will soil his pages.
(c) He says any good preacher would have brought his own Bible.
(d) Reverend Childers is a Baptist and cannot read anyway.

14. Who else did Daisy visit on the same day that she visited Dave Carter?
(a) Daisy also visited Jim Weston in the barn.
(b) Daisy also visited Hambo.
(c) Daisy also visited Joe Clarke.
(d) Daisy also visited Lum Boger and brought him lunch.

15. How much time would Dave Carter do on a chain gang in order to prove his love for Daisy?
(a) Life.
(b) Twenty years.
(c) Forty years.
(d) Fifty years.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Daisy respond when Dave Carter and Jim Weston both choose their music over a life with her?

2. What does Daisy threaten to do when both Jim Weston and Dave Carter try to hug her?

3. How do Jim Weston and Dave Carter express their love for Daisy?

4. According to Jim Weston, how much does he love Daisy?

5. According to Reverend Childers, what is the most dangerous weapon in the world?

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