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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jim Weston take with him as he leaves town?
(a) His guitar and jacket.
(b) His guitar and a handkerchief that Daisy made for him.
(c) A small suitcase and his guitar.
(d) His guitar and a picture of him and Dave Carter.

2. How does Jim Weston respond to the Baptists' actions when he enters the church?
(a) He threatens them with physical harm if they bother him.
(b) He tries to run out of the church and escape.
(c) He hangs his head and refuses to make eye contact with anyone.
(d) He jumps over a church bench and punches one of them.

3. What does Sister Taylor suggest that Sister Lewis should do for her daughter?
(a) She should teach her how to properly wash herself.
(b) She should get the sheriff to make one of her many boyfriends marry her.
(c) She should get her some new clothes so she does not have to wear sack cloth.
(d) She should get her buck teeth fixed.

4. Who receives the applause from the Methodist side of the church?
(a) Joe Lindsay.
(b) Joe Clarke.
(c) Reverend Childers.
(d) Deacon Simms.

5. What are Jim Weston and Dave Carter doing as the curtain falls?
(a) Jim Weston is playing his guitar, and Dave Carter is singing and dancing alongside.
(b) Jim Weston is humming a tune, and Dave Carter is whistling the same tune.
(c) Jim Weston begins by humming a tune, and Dave Carter begins to sing the lyrics.
(d) They are walking arm in arm on their way back into town.

6. What reason is given to support the idea of the Methodist minister leading the prayer?
(a) The Methodists say better prayers than the Baptists.
(b) The Baptists started the trouble, so they have no business leading a prayer.
(c) The Methodist minister has more formal education.
(d) Dave Carter is a Methodist, so his preacher should say the prayer.

7. According to the characters at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2, how are Reverend Childers and Deacon Simms different?
(a) Reverend Childers has been to college.
(b) Reverend Childers does not believe in baptism.
(c) Deacon Simms has more formal education.
(d) Deacon Simms is unmarried.

8. Why does Jim Weston pull Daisy down to sit on the tracks with him?
(a) He is trying to comfort her.
(b) He wants to kiss her.
(c) He wants to talk to her.
(d) He just wants her to sit with him.

9. Why does Daisy begin to cry when speaking to Jim Weston in Act 3?
(a) He says he does not love her and he never really loved her.
(b) He says a woman cannot be trusted.
(c) He threatens to leave her alone in the dark.
(d) He gets angry and slaps her.

10. Why does Deacon Simms refuse to allow Reverend Childers to use his Bible?
(a) Deacon Simms' children gave the Bible to him, so it's special.
(b) He is afraid that Reverend Childers will soil his pages.
(c) He says any good preacher would have brought his own Bible.
(d) Reverend Childers is a Baptist and cannot read anyway.

11. Where do Daisy and Jim Weston plan to go?
(a) They plan to go back into town.
(b) They do not know where they are going.
(c) They plan to go to Daisy's mother's house.
(d) They are going to move to Maitland.

12. Why does Joe Clarke get frustrated with Lum Boger?
(a) He has not shown up for the trial yet.
(b) He has not quited the crowd.
(c) He blames him for forgetting the gavel.
(d) He is sitting with the defendant.

13. Why does Dave Carter insist that no one in town has any right to determine Jim Weston's punishment?
(a) Jim Weston has been tried once; they cannot try him again.
(b) Jim Weston hit Dave Carter, so no one else but Dave should have anything to say about it.
(c) No one in town has any legal power.
(d) None of the people in town know anything about the law anyway.

14. What does Daisy suggest Jim Weston can do for a living after they get married?
(a) She suggests that he will make plenty of money as a guitar player.
(b) She assures him that she will make enough to support them both.
(c) She suggests that he can become a waiter in Maitland.
(d) She suggests that he become a yard man and give up the guitar.

15. What is Dave Carter wearing when he enters the church?
(a) A bandage on his head.
(b) A cast on his arm.
(c) A neck brace.
(d) A large black hat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Daisy suggest she and Jim Weston live after they get married?

2. How does Brother Nixon respond to Sister Lewis' chastisement?

3. How does Daisy respond when Dave Carter asks if she loves him?

4. Why does Daisy refuse both Jim Weston and Dave Carter?

5. What clue in their verbal competition for Daisy suggests that Dave Carter and Jim Weston have put aside their differences?

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