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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jim Weston respond to the Baptists' actions when he enters the church?
(a) He tries to run out of the church and escape.
(b) He threatens them with physical harm if they bother him.
(c) He jumps over a church bench and punches one of them.
(d) He hangs his head and refuses to make eye contact with anyone.

2. On the charge of assault and battery, how does Jim Weston plead?
(a) He says he did not do it and is not guilty.
(b) He says he is sorry that he did it, but he is not guilty.
(c) He says he is sorry and pleads guilty.
(d) He says he did it and would do it again, but he's not guilty.

3. Why is the church bell rung?
(a) Deacon Simms rings the bell to draw attention to his client's case.
(b) It was an accident; someone fell and grabbed the rope.
(c) Hambo rings the bell as a way of ushering Jim Weston out of town.
(d) Lum Boger rings the bell to signal the beginning of the trial.

4. How does Sister Taylor defend herself when Joe Lindsay chastises her for arguing in church?
(a) She says he has no right to tell her what to do.
(b) She criticizes him for beating his wife.
(c) She says she is not the only one who is talking.
(d) She criticizes him for not feeding his horse.

5. How do Jim Weston and Dave Carter express their love for Daisy?
(a) They arm wrestle for her.
(b) They both sing songs that they have written for her.
(c) They recite poetry that they have dedicated to her.
(d) They try to outdo each other with extremes of what they would do for her.

6. How does Daisy respond when Dave Carter asks if she loves him?
(a) She responds with an enthusiastic yes and hangs on his neck.
(b) She shakes her head and grabs Jim Weston's hand.
(c) She does not answer, but plays coy and changes the subject.
(d) She takes his hand and just smiles at him.

7. How is Jim Weston escorted out of town?
(a) Joe Clarke marches him out of town with a crowd of angry people behind him.
(b) The Methodists are trying to throw him out of town, and the Baptists are trying to pull him back in.
(c) Lum Boger quietly walks him to edge of town and wishes him good luck.
(d) The Baptists are trying to throw him out of town, and the Methodists are trying to pull him back in.

8. What does Jim Weston take with him as he leaves town?
(a) His guitar and a picture of him and Dave Carter.
(b) His guitar and a handkerchief that Daisy made for him.
(c) His guitar and jacket.
(d) A small suitcase and his guitar.

9. Where do Daisy and Jim Weston plan to go?
(a) They plan to go back into town.
(b) They do not know where they are going.
(c) They plan to go to Daisy's mother's house.
(d) They are going to move to Maitland.

10. Why does Jim Weston pick up a heavy stick as they walk back to town?
(a) He is going to throw it toward a stray dog.
(b) He plans to use it against anyone in town who tries to keep him out.
(c) It has an interesting shape, and he wants to show it to Joe Clarke.
(d) He uses it as a walking stick.

11. What reason is given to support the idea of the Baptist minister leading the prayer before trial?
(a) The Baptist minister has more formal education.
(b) The Baptists say better prayers that the Methodists.
(c) The trial is in his church, so he should say the prayer.
(d) Joe Clarke is a Baptist, and he is acting as the judge.

12. What does Daisy do after Jim Weston decides that he would rather have his freedom than marry her?
(a) She turns to Dave Carter and offers him the same opportunity.
(b) She nods her head in agreement.
(c) She cries and begs him to change his mind.
(d) She turns her nose up into the air and walks away.

13. How do the women react when Lum Boger comes back to quiet them?
(a) They threaten him and warn him not to come near them.
(b) They ignore him.
(c) They quiet down for a bit.
(d) They apologize and quickly quiet down.

14. How many people are in the church at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) The church is almost full.
(b) Exactly two people are in church, Jim Weston and Deacon Simms.
(c) Only a handful of people are in church, but many are waiting outside.
(d) The church is nearly empty.

15. Who else did Daisy visit on the same day that she visited Dave Carter?
(a) Daisy also visited Hambo.
(b) Daisy also visited Joe Clarke.
(c) Daisy also visited Lum Boger and brought him lunch.
(d) Daisy also visited Jim Weston in the barn.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the characters at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2, how are Reverend Childers and Deacon Simms different?

2. Why does Deacon Simms refuse to allow Reverend Childers to use his Bible?

3. When did Jim Weston tell Daisy that he could kiss her every day ("as regular as pig-tracks")?

4. Why does Jim Weston pull Daisy down to sit on the tracks with him?

5. How does Deacon Simms suggest that they end the trial?

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