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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Bible does Reverend Childers end up using?
(a) He returns to his home to get his own Bible.
(b) Joe Clarke forces Deacon Simms to share his Bible.
(c) One of the Baptists in the crowd shares his Bible with him.
(d) He uses the church Bible from the pulpit.

2. What clue in their verbal competition for Daisy suggests that Dave Carter and Jim Weston have put aside their differences?
(a) They talk about plans to continue playing their music.
(b) Nothing; they continue to battle for Daisy's love.
(c) They both laugh when Dave Carter says he would do life in prison for Daisy.
(d) They put their arms around each other as they continue to banter.

3. What is missing when Joe Clarke tries to begin the trial?
(a) Dave Carter.
(b) The gavel.
(c) The witnesses.
(d) The defendant.

4. What reason is given to support the idea of the Baptist minister leading the prayer before trial?
(a) Joe Clarke is a Baptist, and he is acting as the judge.
(b) The trial is in his church, so he should say the prayer.
(c) The Baptists say better prayers that the Methodists.
(d) The Baptist minister has more formal education.

5. Where does Daisy suggest she and Jim Weston live after they get married?
(a) In Maitland, at her employer's farm.
(b) In another state.
(c) It does not matter.
(d) In town, with her mother.

6. How is Jim Weston escorted out of town?
(a) Lum Boger quietly walks him to edge of town and wishes him good luck.
(b) The Methodists are trying to throw him out of town, and the Baptists are trying to pull him back in.
(c) The Baptists are trying to throw him out of town, and the Methodists are trying to pull him back in.
(d) Joe Clarke marches him out of town with a crowd of angry people behind him.

7. How does Deacon Simms suggest that they end the trial?
(a) He says Jim Weston should be compensated for his mistreatment.
(b) He says everyone should apologize to Jim Weston and set him free.
(c) He says Joe Clarke should be run out of town, and he himself should be mayor.
(d) He says they should sing, dismiss, and all return to work.

8. What are Jim Weston and Dave Carter doing as the curtain falls?
(a) Jim Weston is playing his guitar, and Dave Carter is singing and dancing alongside.
(b) Jim Weston begins by humming a tune, and Dave Carter begins to sing the lyrics.
(c) Jim Weston is humming a tune, and Dave Carter is whistling the same tune.
(d) They are walking arm in arm on their way back into town.

9. What will Jim Weston do to support himself and Daisy?
(a) He hopes to get a job as a yard man.
(b) He thinks that she should work and support them both.
(c) He hopes to open his own general store.
(d) He plans to play music, but he no longer has anyone to sing and dance with.

10. According to Reverend Childers, why is an ass bone close to a mule bone?
(a) They both have large ears, so they must be similar.
(b) Both are single-hoofed animals, so they must be in the same family.
(c) An ass is a mule's father, so the mule is related to the ass.
(d) The skeletons of the animals are basically the same.

11. What does Sister Taylor suggest that Sister Lewis should do for her daughter?
(a) She should get her buck teeth fixed.
(b) She should get the sheriff to make one of her many boyfriends marry her.
(c) She should teach her how to properly wash herself.
(d) She should get her some new clothes so she does not have to wear sack cloth.

12. How much time would Dave Carter do on a chain gang in order to prove his love for Daisy?
(a) Twenty years.
(b) Life.
(c) Forty years.
(d) Fifty years.

13. What evidence does Dave Carter present to prove that he is as clean as everybody else?
(a) He says he has had a bath that very day.
(b) He says he goes swimming nearly every day.
(c) He lets Reverend Childers check for dirt behind his ears.
(d) He sniffs under his arm and declares himself clean.

14. What does Reverend Childers present as evidence against Jim Weston in the trial?
(a) He presents the biblical story of Sampson and the Philistines.
(b) He cites the rumor that Jim Weston has been stealing chickens.
(c) He uses the testimony of witnesses to prove that the beating was violent.
(d) He uses Jim Weston's own confession against him.

15. What accusation do the Methodists hurl at Dave Carter when he enters the church?
(a) They believe that he started the fight and deserved what he got.
(b) They believe that he has stolen Joe Clarke's chickens.
(c) They believe that he is faking his injury, trying to look hurt.
(d) They belive that he just wants to cause trouble in town.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim Weston assume when he sees Dave coming down the tracks?

2. Why does Jim Weston pick up a heavy stick as they walk back to town?

3. According to Jim Weston, how much does he love Daisy?

4. How do the Baptists respond to Jim Weston entering the church?

5. What does Jim Weston take with him as he leaves town?

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